About The Pop Culture Show

The Pop Culture Show with Barnes, Leslie and Cubby is a weekly deep dive into the world of popular culture. Join award winning hosts Steve Barnes, Leslie Fram, and Paul Cubby Bryant to fly through the latest TV, music, movies, celebrity sleaze, and general observations from the crazy world around us. Download new shows weekly on Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio App, Pandora or wherever you get your podcasts.

About the Hosts

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Steve Barnes is a television and film actor, producer, former radio personality (The Morning X - 99 X Atlanta), and president of Barnes Creative Studios which produces content for Fortune 500 hospitality and commercial real estate brands.

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Leslie Fram is a media executive, former radio programmer and radio personality (The Morning X - 99 X Atlanta). She is the senior vice president of music and talent for CMT. Fram oversees CMT's "Next Women of Country" campaign and co-founder of Change the Conversation.

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A 25-year veteran of Atlanta radio, Axel helped define Alternative Rock and a generation at 99X and Rock 100.5. Axel’s rapport with listeners and artists has helped him build a rock solid reputation in the market place. He began his career in the music industry with Arista Records. After working at Arista, Axel transitioned into radio. He was with 99X since its inception and moved over to sister station Rock 100.5 when it went on the air in January of 2008.