Travel Restrictions in the Age of COVID: Know Before You Go

If you’re yearning to get away and have your sights set on visiting an international destination, you might want to get caught up on the latest travel guidelines before you book that vacation. Starting Tuesday, January 26, the Centers for Dis…

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The Clubhouse App - You've Got to Know Someone to Get in

The latest entry into the increasingly crowded social media space is the Clubhouse app. Once you’re given an invitation to this currently exclusive audio app, described on its website as “a new type of social product based on voice,&rdqu…

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Cat Translation - What’s new pussycat? Can an app tell you how your cat is feline?

Let’s talk cats – and not the big budget film flop. Whether tabby or jellicle, cats have a lexicon all their own to express their feelings. They purr and rub against you to show their love and, conversely, they are prone to hissing and t…

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