April 21, 2021

Float Therapy: Get Naked in this Massive Tank and Blow Your Mind

Float Therapy: Get Naked in this Massive Tank and Blow Your Mind

Everyone is talking about Float Therapy. It will blow your mind if you are lucky enough to have the chance to try it. Float effortlessly in a stimulus-free, zero-gravity tank, creating an environment for your body and mind to rest and heal.

Floatation therapy is effective for reducing stress and anxiety, reducing inflammation, easing chronic pain, relieving pregnancy discomfort, accelerating injury recovery, improving sleep, as well as helping you reach a deep meditative therapy.

Our guest in this episode is David Munn from Floasis in Atlanta.

Barnes tried it and has a full report plus David will talk through all of the benefits that are backed by science. It's an experience that can be life changing for some people.

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Watch the full Float Tank video interview:

Check out Floasis at https://floasisatlanta.com