July 27, 2020

Goldberg Interview - iPhone 12 - Taylor Swift - Leslie Confronts a "Killer"

WWE Champ and "The Goldbergs" and NCIS:LA star, Goldberg is our guest. The show goes off the rails in the first 5 min. Cubby's arm is on fire. RIP Regis Philbin. Leslie confronts a killer.

WWE Champ and "The Goldbergs" and NCIS:LA star, Goldberg, joins us + The show goes off the rails in the first 5 min + Cubby's arm is on fire + iPhone 12 juicy details + Kanye West + RIP Regis Philbin + Items for your Netflix list + New Jeffrey Epstein show + Taylor Swift + Leslie confronts a killer + Pop Culture flashback to 2000 and much more.


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Executive Producer: Steve Barnes

Hosts: Steve Barnes, Leslie Fram, Paul Cubby Bryant

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Speaker 1 (00:00):

Welcome to the Pop Culture Show with Barnes, Leslie, and Cubby.


Barnes (00:04):

Welcome to episode 22 of the Pop Culture Show Barnes, Leslie, and Cubby. Please rate, review, and subscribe. That's how it keeps us alive, and Cubby, the Pop Culture Show now on the iHeartRadio app and where else?


Cubby (00:19):

That would be ... Wait, what do you mean where else?


Barnes (00:21):



Cubby (00:22):

Oh, Tesla's. That's right. We give you a hard time because every week you mention it, and now I had a chance and I failed.


Leslie (00:29):

Are we in Wennebagos? That's all I want to know.


Barnes (00:31):

Yeah. And coming soon to the Astro Van and also thanks to our listeners in Turks and Caicos.


Cubby (00:37):

Turks and Caicos, that was my first episode with you guys. And I learned that I was saying it wrong my whole life.


Barnes (00:43):

That's okay, you're good. How are you guys?


Cubby (00:45):



Leslie (00:46):

Really good.


Cubby (00:46):

How are you guys feeling?


Leslie (00:46):

You know what ...


Barnes (00:48):

I'm good, crazy.


Leslie (00:49):

I'm wanting to feel better. I want to ask you guys how much water do you drink on a daily basis?


Barnes (00:53):

Not enough.


Cubby (00:53):

Not as much as you, girl. Oh my goodness.


Leslie (00:57):

Several years ago I got kidney stones, and the doctor said, "You need to drown yourself in water." I just forget to drink water, so I bought this, I don't know if you've seen them or not, but it's a gallon jug. You can get it on Amazon, QuiFit, built for life.


Barnes (01:11):

A QuiFit?


Cubby (01:12):



Leslie (01:13):

I don't know.


Cubby (01:14):



Leslie (01:17):

Is that what's called?


Cubby (01:17):

A QuiFit?


Leslie (01:23):

Build life.


Barnes (01:24):

Fram, do you know what you're saying?


Leslie (01:26):

No, I don't. I just know I have a gallon jug in front of me.


Barnes (01:29):

Do you know what a qweef is?


Leslie (01:30):

No, I don't.


Cubby (01:30):

You don't?


Leslie (01:30):

Fit, I said fit.


Cubby (01:33):

Are you serious?


Leslie (01:35):

No, what is it? Uh-oh [crosstalk 00:01:41]


Cubby (01:41):

You don't know what a qweef is?


Barnes (01:41):



Leslie (01:46):

Did I screw up again?


Barnes (01:48):

Next. Just keep going, just keep going. [crosstalk 00:01:50]. Hold on to your QuiFit.


Leslie (01:53):

I bought this-


Cubby (01:53):

Do you drink that gallon in a whole day?


Barnes (01:54):

Hold it up.


Leslie (01:55):

Yeah, you start in the morning, and it gives you little inspirational quotes.


Cubby (01:59):

Oh, it's a Qui-Fit?


Leslie (02:01):

That's what I said. I said a QuiFit. What is going on here?


Barnes (02:10):

Oh my God.


Leslie (02:11):

It starts at 7:00 a.m. good morning, and as you go throughout the day in every two hour increments it's like, "Remember your goal. Keep drinking. No excuses." Anyway, it's a gallon a day.


Barnes (02:21):

Yeah, do people freak out that you're walking around with a jug with a bunch of writing on it?


Leslie (02:26):

Well the problem is now is coronavirus so I'm home all day.


Barnes (02:29):

Oh, that's right.


Leslie (02:29):

I'm dedicated. Let me see if I can do this for a month.


Cubby (02:32):

Can we have Leslie look up qweef live just so we can see her reaction when she reads it?


Barnes (02:36):

Leslie, go ahead.


Leslie (02:36):

Wait, what is it?


Barnes (02:38):

Google it.


Cubby (02:38):

Google it right now.


Leslie (02:39):

All right, how do you spell it?


Cubby (02:40):

Q-W-E-E-F. I just did it, and it came right to the top of Google.


Leslie (02:40):



Barnes (02:40):

Read us that definition.


Leslie (02:40):



Cubby (02:45):

Q-W-E-E-F. E-E-F.


Leslie (02:49):

Oh, E-E-F. All right, hold on a second.


Barnes (02:53):

What's the definition, Fram?


Leslie (02:54):

It's not what I said.


Cubby (03:00):

Oh man. I don't know if I can top that.


Barnes (03:04):

No. Read it, and we'll beep it.


Leslie (03:08):

I'll never hear the end of this.


Barnes (03:09):

Read the definition.


Leslie (03:12):

Flatulence can have causes that aren't due to underlying disease.


Cubby (03:18):

You don't really have to bleep it.


Leslie (03:19):

See a doctor if you-


Cubby (03:21):

It is a medical term.


Leslie (03:22):

... feel pain during sexual intercourse, pass gas, stool, or ... I can't even read this.


Barnes (03:29):

I mean, when we publish these they ask us, "Is this explicit?" We're only a few minutes in, and we're already explicit.


Leslie (03:36):

Thanks a lot.


Barnes (03:37):

Cubby, how was your week?


Cubby (03:38):

Well, to tell you the truth I needed that gallon of water Leslie has to put my arm out because my arm caught on fire last week.


Leslie (03:47):



Barnes (03:48):

Your arm caught on fire?


Cubby (03:49):

Not really, so kind of. I had a grilling accident. Before I grill, which I love to grill, before I put the steaks on the grill I clean the grill, and I always put a little cooking oil on it. And then I usually wait a couple of minutes, and then I turn the gas on because it's propane, and then I fire it up. Well, there was some thunderstorms moving in, and I knew my time was limited, so I sprayed the oil on, and then I fired up the propane and didn't wait as long as I probably should have.


Barnes (04:16):

Wait, did you qweef it?


Cubby (04:19):

So then I lit the grill, and I had a mushroom cloud over my town. It was like, poof. But my right arm totally all the hair singed off, and you know that nasty smell hair makes.


Leslie (04:29):



Cubby (04:31):

It is awful, and it just hung around on my arm all night. Finally I said, "Honey, I got to take another shower." It just smelled so bad. So, yeah, a near death grilling experience was the highlight of my week.


Barnes (04:40):

That was huge.


Cubby (04:42):



Barnes (04:42):

I jumped on a plane for the first time since February. Went to Houston for a shoot, and do you know what a mask hole is?


Leslie (04:52):



Cubby (04:53):

No, I don't.


Barnes (04:54):

It's a term. It is an individual who wears a mask in a way that makes it completely ineffective like below the nose, under the chin, or back of the head. Think about that when you see them. There was a maskhole sitting in front of me, and he had the mask covering his mouth, and that was it.


Leslie (05:11):

Oh boy.


Barnes (05:12):

And you just want to go, "Dude, really? Do you understand why you're wearing a mask?" And there are arguments whether the masks work or not. But anyway, that's a maskhole. The coronavirus thing seems to be getting worse.


Cubby (05:24):

It does.


Leslie (05:25):

Yeah, and it's terrible in Tennessee as you guys know.


Barnes (05:28):

It's so bad.


Leslie (05:29):

What's going on in Georgia?


Barnes (05:30):

Same thing. Between nightly riots, coronavirus-


Leslie (05:35):



Barnes (05:35):

... street racing, yeah, all kinds of stuff.


Cubby (05:38):

Speaking of COVID, actually Steven Mnuchin promises to scale back unemployment benefits in a new $1 trillion coronavirus package, and another round of checks are coming in August of $1,200 so another stimulus coming at you in August.


Barnes (05:55):

And they're trying to kill ... What you said, they're trying to kill the ... Diminish the, whatever, that $600 unemployment a week or whatever that was because they want to motivate people to get back to work.


Cubby (06:03):

Correct. Scale back the unemployment benefits to get rid of $600 bonus.


Barnes (06:08):

But the plane thing was pretty easy. It was an hour and a half to Houston, but there were maybe 20 people on board, and they board from the back of the plane forward, which they should do anyway. And then I got to Houston at 9:03, went to a shoot, was back on the plane by 1:25 and got back to Atlanta.


Cubby (06:28):

TSA was a breeze. Even though we're all pre-screened, still you don't even need pre-screening anymore, do you?


Barnes (06:32):

Well I have clear because I'm a diamond medallion and you get it for free if you hit that status with Delta, and so you have clear, but it's funny because there's no one there. You walk up, and it's just ...


Cubby (06:42):

It's clear everywhere.


Barnes (06:43):

Yeah, you don't have to touch it, which is great because they use your eyes. So it was pretty painless, anyway. Some announcements, next week on the show Butch Walker, big time producer, former band called the Marvelous 3 out of Atlanta [crosstalk 00:06:58] among other.


Leslie (06:59):

Huge solo career, yup.


Barnes (07:00):

Yeah. Among other bands, and solo albums. And the guy writes for people like Taylor Swift, people like that, that don't really do much.


Leslie (07:08):

One of the nicest guys ever and one of the best live shows ever.


Barnes (07:11):

Yeah, so we're going to do an on location from his farm in Tennessee.


Leslie (07:14):

That's right.


Barnes (07:14):

Everybody but Cubby unless you want to get on a plane.


Cubby (07:16):

How come I'm not invited? What's up with that?


Leslie (07:17):

Come on in.


Barnes (07:18):

You are invited. Come on.


Cubby (07:20):

Actually, I'm nervous about flying. I don't know why. Not flying itself. I love to fly, but I'm saying I can't get past this whole COVID thing. I'm still a little sheltered.


Barnes (07:29):

Also in August, Grammy winner Kristian Bush from Sugarland will be on with us, good dude who ranges from Alternative to Country. He can do everything and anything.


Leslie (07:39):

Also, producing too. Kristian's been doing everything.


Barnes (07:42):

Also, coming up on today's episode, Goldberg, Bill Goldberg from a secret location at his new bunker in Texas. He is such a great guy. I have a funny story to tell about going up to lunch with him.


Leslie (07:58):

He's Mr. Motivational. I love that. He's always positive.


Barnes (08:01):

Always positive. That guy when we would do appearances with him, Cubby, he would show up at whatever to promote like the celebrity softball game we had, and he would stay until every kid got an autograph. And that was at the height of his WWE.


Cubby (08:12):

I love him already. I love people that are just down to Earth and cool.


Barnes (08:16):

He's so cool. So Goldberg is coming up.


Cubby (08:18):

Well, we've talked often how we love our gadgets, and the iPhone 12 is coming, and there are already rumors going around. Now, Leslie you're-


Leslie (08:27):

I'm a Samsung person. I know, I know.


Cubby (08:29):

Right, yeah. So you can go ahead and take your headphones off. We don't need you. But Barnes-


Leslie (08:33):

Okay. What's going on with the 12?


Cubby (08:34):

Well, every time a new phone comes out there's always rumors going around on how it's going to look and all that. So they're saying it is going to be called iPhone 12. Some people were speculating maybe they're going to just change that up because they keep going in order, but it is going to be called the iPhone 12, and there's going to be four different iPhones. Now, Barnes, you're probably the Pro Max kind of guy, right?


Barnes (08:54):

I'm already on 14, bro.


Leslie (08:55):



Cubby (08:55):

What do you mean?


Barnes (08:56):

Apple hooks me up. I'm two ahead.


Cubby (08:57):

Shut up, you're such a liar.


Leslie (08:57):



Barnes (08:58):

I'm kidding. I'm kidding. You know these leaks come from Apple.


Cubby (09:02):

They do to get the hype going, right?


Barnes (09:03):



Cubby (09:04):

The iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro, and the 12 Pro Max are the rumors. Apparently they're going to be bringing back the squared edges, which I'm not a huge fan of but ...


Barnes (09:18):

And metal I heard.


Cubby (09:19):

Right, around the edges and the corners like iPhone 4 and 5. They're going to be bringing that back. They always say this every time that they have a new phone coming, but apparently the camera is getting better, a new camera.


Leslie (09:32):

I think we should just all go back to the flip phone.


Barnes (09:33):



Cubby (09:34):

Hey, they've come back too.


Barnes (09:35):

Totally have, StarTech's.


Cubby (09:36):

They really have. Also, according to the rumors the iPhone 12 the 5G seems inevitable. 2020 is prime to be a big year for the rollout of 5G, and a lot of people are wondering if iPhones are going to support 5G, and it looks like it will. One more thing, look for a very powerful charger. You're going to be charging in no time.


Barnes (09:57):

They may be changing it, Cubby, right? They're going to change possibly from lightning to the C.


Cubby (10:01):

The braided lightning charging cables.


Barnes (10:04):

Oh, the braided one?


Cubby (10:05):



Barnes (10:05):

And then there's a rumor that they may not give you the cable with the phone.


Cubby (10:08):

Which is another way to make money, right, because you have to buy it.


Barnes (10:10):

Yeah, I'm assuming. It's getting ridiculous.


Leslie (10:13):

Apple loves to do that.


Barnes (10:14):

I'm surprised they're releasing it, and they're saying September 5th. I'm surprised they're doing it.


Cubby (10:18):



Barnes (10:18):

No, not the fifth.


Cubby (10:19):

No, I'm already hearing mid-October all because of COVID. And that could be right. Again, this is the rumor mill.


Barnes (10:26):

I heard mid-October was laptops, and then the phones were coming in September. But I could be wrong. They always do it around that date, but during COVID when people are strapped for cash who is going to buy a $1,500 phone?


Cubby (10:38):



Barnes (10:39):

All right, show me some sleaze, Fram.


Leslie (10:41):

Well, the world lost a TV icon. Regis Philbin dying at the age of 88. I don't know if you guys saw this or not, but Letterman had just such an amazing tribute to him. He said he was like the Johnny Carson of television, the master communicator. Do you know that Letterman had him on more than any other guest, up to I think 130 to 150 times. Regis was his number one guest.


Barnes (11:08):

I was just surprised. I don't know why, he's 88. I don't know why I was so shocked to see it, that story come across.


Cubby (11:14):

Because we didn't hear he was sick.


Leslie (11:15):

He held the world's most ... According to the Guinness Book of World Records, he was on TV more than anybody else, guess how many hours?


Cubby (11:24):

Oh my god, 20,000, I don't know.


Leslie (11:26):

Yeah, 16,700 hours. It's really funny because last year I had a chance to talk to Kathie Lee Gifford because she moved to Nashville. That was an era on television where they were master story tellers, and she couldn't have said enough amazing things about Regis.


Cubby (11:41):

I can't believe you're talking about this, Leslie, because coming up later when I do my pop this week in pop culture I have a whole thing with Kathie Lee, and her final episode was actually this week 20 years ago. But I have the audio of her signing off, so listen for that coming up here in a few minutes.


Leslie (11:56):

Really crazy week with Kanye West and the Twitter rants that he had. It's sad because he suffers ... He's bipolar, and a lot of people are really upset and concerned about his mental health, but he did come out over the last 48 hours and apologize to his wife, Kim Kardashian. "I want to say I know I hurt you. Please forgive me. Thank you for always being there for me," because he accused her of many things, locking him up and being a white supremacist for apparently doing what she wasn't supposed to do which was speak about him publicly.


Barnes (12:28):

Little late on that apology, just a little. The damage might be done.


Leslie (12:31):

He said that Kris Jenner was Kris Jong-un like Kim Jong-un. Yeah, it was really sad, but apparently now he's apologizing. We'll see what happens. Justin Bieber went and visited him out in Colorado.


Barnes (12:42):

Well that should make everything better.


Leslie (12:45):

Yeah it should ... Speaking of the Jenners, Kylie, 22-year-old Kylie was you know is a billionaire, right? She has her own cosmetic company. She bought her daughter, Stormy, her dream pony that cost $200,000.


Cubby (12:56):

That's in their cup holder, probably in the car, $200,000.


Leslie (13:01):

Yeah, and she paid an extra $7,000 to $10,000 to fly the pony from LA to The Netherlands or from the Netherlands, and the pony is now in coronavirus, the pony is now in quarantine.


Barnes (13:14):

Wouldn't you like to be a supplier to them because you know you could just 10X whatever you're selling, 10 to 20X whatever the price is. Like how much is it? A friend of mine has a place called Classic Collision in Atlanta, and I went to go pick up a car one time, and one of their cars was there because he had the only shade of the specific blue that they were painting the Bentley. So they shipped the Bentley to him. They painted this Bentley this ridiculous powder blue, and then it goes back to them. These people just throw money around.


Cubby (13:44):

What are we doing wrong?


Barnes (13:45):

It's unreal.


Leslie (13:45):

200,000 though for her is like, what, 200 to us maybe.


Cubby (13:49):

I know.


Leslie (13:49):

Because she's a billionaire.


Barnes (13:51):

It starts with a sex tape, people.


Leslie (13:54):

Is that the key? That's the secret.


Barnes (13:56):

That's the secret.


Cubby (13:56):

Well that's how you and Leslie started your whole thing.


Leslie (13:59):

Yeah, exactly.


Cubby (13:59):

Back in the early '90s.


Leslie (14:01):

Let me just say this. One of the most heart wrenching things has been reading the Instagram posts from Orlando Bloom who is destroyed over losing his dog. Latest post, he did get a tattoo of his dog, Mighty, on his chest. "Mighty's on the other side now after seven days of searching from sunrise to sunset into the wee hours today, the seventh day we found his collar." It's a really long post, but it's really heart warming, and he basically searched the neighborhood. Every nook and cranny, but he just went on to say that they just had this amazing bond. Were you following those Instagram posts?


Cubby (14:40):

I was, I was, and I kept thinking well new baby coming soon, so there's a lot going on in their house. I was wondering when ... Isn't Katie due any moment now?


Leslie (14:50):

Yeah, so you think the hormones were hitting him?


Cubby (14:52):

Yeah, it probably was.


Barnes (14:54):

It's like corona, within six feet.


Leslie (14:57):

Now you guys know I've been obsessed with the Johnny Depp trial, but the funny thing this past week ... And he's been accusing her of having all these affairs, but his nicknames for people. He called Leonardo DiCaprio Pumpkin Head, and he called Channing Tatum, Potato Head, so it's really funny to hear what Johnny Depp says about all these other actors he thought Amber was having an affair with. I'm so into it. Barnes, Big Brother All-Stars premiering August fifth, the COVID-19 edition.


Barnes (15:29):

Oh yes, all-stars, 20th season.


Leslie (15:32):

You are such a Big Brother fan. I never got it.


Cubby (15:35):

[inaudible 00:15:35]. Do you watch it live or do you DVR it and catch up?


Barnes (15:37):

Are you kidding? I'm only, like, 10 minutes behind so I can miss the commercials, or 15 minutes, but no I watch it the night it ... You know when it came out it was on every night of the week originally.


Cubby (15:45):

I remember that. That was like what, '02.


Barnes (15:48):

Ish, yeah. And then it went to three nights a week I think, and now it's three or four. I'm there every night that it's on. You'll have to ... This is the time to get on, which quickly interject. Give me something to watch on Netflix, Leslie.


Leslie (15:59):

There's a ton of stuff.


Barnes (16:01):

I asked for one. Give me two, give me two things.


Leslie (16:03):

Okay. I'm going to give you two things, one that I just finished that I'm obsessed with, The Last Dance, about the Bulls and Michael Jordan.


Barnes (16:10):

Way to be on top of that, Fram, that's so March COVID.


Cubby (16:13):



Leslie (16:13):

Well it's new to Netflix so a lot of people are actually watching it now that didn't see it on ESPN. Fear City, about the Mafia in New York in the '70s and '80s.


Barnes (16:22):

I'm watching that.


Leslie (16:23):

What do you think so far?


Barnes (16:24):

It's good. It's very good. It's talking about how the Mafia, they're comparing it to some of the other cities right now like Chicago and Atlanta where all the crime is happening. It's where they're trying to take the city back, and New York was just so bad. And it goes through the five crime families. It's quite interesting.


Leslie (16:38):

Now, are your wives into chick flicks?


Barnes (16:40):

I only have one.


Leslie (16:41):

Well, Cubby is on the show too.


Cubby (16:43):

I'm on the show too.


Barnes (16:44):

Oh, I thought you were talking to me still. You're like, "Are your wives." I moved from Salt Lake City ... No, I never lived there.


Cubby (16:51):

My wife, Cocoa, we watch Married at First Sight.


Barnes (16:55):

Oh, that's good. See, you get on me for watching Big Brother, but you watch Married at First Sight.


Cubby (16:59):

Well Big Brother is just kind of played out to me, but Married at First Sight, 90-Day Fiance, and they have like a million 90 days.


Barnes (17:05):

I heard that's great.


Cubby (17:06):

You have 90-Day The Other Way, 90-Day This Way, 90-Day That Way. There's a million 90 Days but they're good.


Leslie (17:11):

Yeah, because Kissing Booth 2 is on Netflix.


Barnes (17:13):

Oh God.


Cubby (17:14):

Leslie, what do all your husbands watch?


Leslie (17:18):

Well, we love a lot of dramas, seriously love dramas. But I will tell you he did like The Crown, and it is coming back but not until 2022 because of COVID.


Cubby (17:30):

Everything's COVID.


Leslie (17:30):

It's unbelievable.


Barnes (17:31):

I have a good one for you both on Netflix. I told you about Liar, and you haven't watched it yet, Leslie, because you would have told me you did, and you're missing out.


Leslie (17:39):

I haven't watched it yet.


Barnes (17:39):

Cubby, do you have Netflix? You do right?


Cubby (17:41):

I do. We don't have time with the baby, but yeah.


Barnes (17:43):

I give you more of a break than Leslie. Liar is good, but you want to skip right to another British I would call it Liar meets The Affair, which The Affair I loved on-


Leslie (17:54):

I loved The Affair on Showtime.


Barnes (17:54):

Okay, okay, we're connecting Leslie.


Leslie (17:57):

I loved that show. Okay, go ahead.


Barnes (17:58):

Watch Doctor Foster. I believe there's two seasons. Doctor Foster, it's a woman who believes her husband is having an affair. First episode will get you, especially the last 15 minutes.


Leslie (18:09):



Barnes (18:09):

You need to watch Doctor Foster on Netflix.


Cubby (18:12):

There's something I want to say about all these shows. Everybody wants to recommend shows to their friends, and then the friends always say, "I'll put it on my list," but there is no list.


Barnes (18:21):

Yeah, there is.


Cubby (18:22):

Everyone's lying when they say that. "I'll put it on my list." There's too much to watch.


Barnes (18:26):

No, but there's the Netflix list.


Cubby (18:28):

No, but I'm saying you're passionate about something. You're trying to sell Leslie on watching the show. Leslie will say, "All right, I'll put it on my list," but Leslie will you ever get to it?


Leslie (18:37):

Well here's the thing. Most of the stuff I've been watching lately have been recommendations from people like Barnes about The Last Dances, Billions. A lot of stuff have been recommendations, and then of course I fall in love with these shows and then I'm obsessed with them.


Cubby (18:50):



Barnes (18:51):

Get into ... You can go back to Liar, but I think you should skip ahead to Doctor Foster.


Leslie (18:54):

All right, I can do that.


Barnes (18:55):

And then you'll want to watch ... They're very different, but similar tone. They're UK.


Leslie (19:00):

Have you guys ... Have you watched anything on Quibi?


Barnes (19:05):

No, I'm not buying into the hype.


Leslie (19:06):

Because now Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds are partnering for something on Quibi. I haven't watched anything on there yet. I know a lot of people are excited that Shark Week is coming back on Discovery August 9th, and then there's SharkFest.


Barnes (19:20):

Turks and Caicos.


Leslie (19:21):

On Nat Geo. How did this happen? Happy 40th birthday to Caddyshack.


Cubby (19:28):

They actually had it on over the weekend. AMC was airing it. They had a marathon on. It was great, with the 40th logo on there, it was pretty cool.


Audio (19:34):

I want you to kill every gopher on the course.


Audio (19:38):

Check me if I'm wrong, Sandy, but if I kill all the golfers they're going to lock me up and throw away the key.


Audio (19:45):

Gophers, [inaudible 00:19:45] not golfers. The little brown, furry rodents.


Audio (19:47):

We can do that.


Cubby (19:48):

Such a classic. Great clip by the way, but come on, you didn't have Rodney. Rodney was ...


Barnes (19:54):

No, I just thought it was so overplayed. Rodney's always the clip.


Leslie (19:57):

This is really strange, I didn't realize this by the little bit of trivia. Harold Ramis had realized that his two biggest stars never appeared together, so I guess they had lunch one day and wrote a little scene so that Bill Murray and Chevy Chase could appear together. And then he also said that originally he wanted the theme to be all Pink Floyd. Of course, I don't know if that would've worked out.


Cubby (20:16):



Barnes (20:16):

That'd be strange.


Leslie (20:17):

Dark Side of the Moon instead of I'm All Right by Kenny Loggins. And finally, this is not going away. Lifetime is now getting into the Jeffrey Epstein business. Yup, they got a movie coming out, the Jeffrey Epstein Movie.


Barnes (20:32):

So they got something completely different than the Netflix thing?


Leslie (20:34):

Yeah, they're going to talk about some of the survivors.


Audio (20:37):

I was 19. He began to touch me aggressively. It quickly turned into an assault.


Audio (20:42):

He forced oral sex on me right there. And the more I kept trying to resist the more fun he was having.


Audio (20:48):

I was 14. I told him to stop. He told me, "I'll stop if you just take your underwear off."


Audio (20:54):

He want's to do whatever he wants to do.


Audio (20:55):

At 16 what happens if I say no.


Audio (20:58):

I'm going to fight back.


Audio (20:59):

Chilling firsthand accounts from those who lived it. Surviving Jeffrey Epstein, a two night event, premiers Sunday, August 9th at 8:00, only on Lifetime.


Leslie (21:09):

And there's your celebrity sleaze.


Barnes (21:11):

Let's talk music quickly. Some people dropped some stuff this week, and I want to play you a couple of clips so you're in the know of what's going on in the music landscape, the biggest one being Taylor Swift with a surprise album.


Leslie (21:21):



Barnes (21:22):

She was hunkered down during corona and created this album over that time, and the numbers are unbelievable. That Cardigan video got 20 million views in one day. They sold 1.3 million in one day. Spotify 80 million streams. That's a record by a female artist in one day. Apple Music 35 million streamed. That's a record.


Leslie (21:47):

Again, folklore, and I'll tell you it just proves again what a great songwriter she is.


Barnes (21:51):

So I went to ... I called my daughter because if you want to get to the source of what's good on the Taylor Swift you call the daughter who is 18, and I said, "Okay." She lives and breathes if Taylor does something she's on it. I said, "What's the best song?" She said to me the best song was The Last Great American Dynasty, and here's a clip.


Taylor Swift (22:12):



Barnes (22:42):

So she says that's the best on.


Cubby (22:44):

It kind of reminds me of Jewel in a weird way.


Barnes (22:46):



Cubby (22:47):

That Jewel sound, which is not a slam. I love Jewel, but Taylor is huge as we all know. It just has that 1996 Jewel feel.


Barnes (22:55):

I listened to the whole album, Folklore, and I thought it was ... It's super chill for sure. I mean she's-


Leslie (23:00):

I think that's the best song on the record too, that and Cardigan, so I agree with your daughter, Barnes.


Barnes (23:04):

There you go. Maybe she's a music in the making, a music director.


Leslie (23:06):

Yeah, A&R Director.


Cubby (23:08):

I was reading that she did all this during quarantine because I had heard she had a lot of stuff stockpiled from past work like in the last year, and I thought for sure she just put this out with all the extras she never got to, but apparently this is all in the last few months.


Leslie (23:24):

Brand new.


Cubby (23:24):

Yeah, brand new.


Leslie (23:24):

I liked the Lover record too.


Cubby (23:25):

Yeah, it was great too.


Barnes (23:26):

Some more new music that dropped, August Alsina. You know that name because that is the dude that was in the entanglement with what's her name.


Leslie (23:34):

Jada Pinkett Smith.


Barnes (23:35):

Yeah. What's weird, guys, and I said this when we first reported on that when it came out, that August Alsina the name of this song is Entanglements. She made a point when Will Smith was talking about her being in a situation she called it an entanglement and corrected him. And I thought all along this was some big weird marketing play. What's going on here?


Leslie (23:55):

So you don't think he wrote this right after she said entanglement?


Barnes (23:58):



Leslie (23:58):

You think this song was kind of in the can for a while?


Barnes (24:00):

No. He's been working on this album for two or three years.


Leslie (24:03):

Yeah. It's strange.


Barnes (24:04):

It's just strange that she's trying to make things better, and she's like, "No, it was an entanglement, E-N-T-A-N-G ..." Yeah, listen. Here, I have two clips. This is very weird. There are mentions about her and Will Smith. Rick Ross raps on this, so I kind of dig the rap. But here's one of the hooks from Entanglement.


August Alsina (24:34):



Cubby (24:34):

So, it seems fishy.


Barnes (24:36):

It seems fishy. Even more fishy, listen to the Rick Ross rap. Tell me how many ... Listen closely. Tell me how many Will Smith things you hear in here.


Rick Ross (24:46):



Barnes (25:20):

See. There's a few of them in there. Will power, and he talked about The Matrix. Remember when Will Smith was up for The Matrix and didn't get it.


Cubby (25:29):



Barnes (25:30):

Just strange.


Leslie (25:30):

I do think that Will Smith ... By the way, I love him as an actor. I think he loves to control the narrative. They both do. And I think they're trying to say, "Everything's okay."


Barnes (25:40):

But they're up to something.


Cubby (25:41):

Yeah. They're trying to get us all talking.


Leslie (25:44):

There have been questions about that marriage for years.


Barnes (25:47):

Must be a cut. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani who if there was ever like, "Ooh, that gross happy couple," it is them. They are just so in love it is oozing from every wall. They put this out, this song called Happy Anywhere. Tell me what the problem is here, okay. This is Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. Listen to this clip and tell me what is missing. Again, this is Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, Happy Anywhere. Tell me what's missing.


Speaker 17 (26:12):



Barnes (26:33):

What's missing?


Leslie (26:35):



Cubby (26:36):



Barnes (26:36):

Gwen Stefani. Her mix is so buried.


Cubby (26:38):

Right. You can barely hear her.


Leslie (26:40):

It's on Blake's new record, but I can tell you that the video, we premiered it on CMT and MTV premiered the video it's adorable. They're at his complex. They are in love. Let me just say that, in love.


Barnes (26:53):

We need to get him on the show, Fram. Come on.


Leslie (26:55):

He's a really good guy, but he's so busy.


Barnes (26:57):

I don't care.


Leslie (26:57):

Now obviously he does two seasons of The Voice every year, but he did this-


Barnes (27:02):

Come on.


Leslie (27:02):

Let me ask you about this. He did this Encore, you know the company that's doing all the drive-in concerts. He did the drive-in concert over the weekend. Gwen appeared as well and some other Country artists, but 300 drive-in theaters around the country, but it's a pre-taped concert. It was $100 a car, so you go in-


Barnes (27:20):

Why would you pay that?


Leslie (27:21):

It's $100 a car, so you can have six people in the car. Sold out everywhere, 300 drive-ins to see a taped concert. That's what the new norm is now. Garth Brooks did it. Would you go to a drive-in for a pre-taped.


Barnes (27:34):



Leslie (27:34):

Unless it was something you just wanted to have some fun with your friends.


Cubby (27:37):

Why so expensive? Why was it 100 bucks?


Leslie (27:38):

Per car.


Cubby (27:40):

Per car. Oh, because you could have, like, five people in the car.


Leslie (27:43):

You could have up to six people in a car.


Cubby (27:44):

Oh, I get it. Right.


Barnes (27:44):

Get money, get paid. The last one we talked about Taylor Swift is so great at re-inventing herself. Every single time she puts out an album she takes a turn and goes a different direction. Here is the complete antithesis of that in a group that never takes a turn and puts out the same thing every single time. Have a listen. Tell me who it is.


Speaker 18 (28:01):



Barnes (28:01):

It's the same very time.


Cubby (28:02):

Yup, and it'll be a huge hit.


Speaker 18 (28:02):



Barnes (28:10):

When are they going to change the name of the band to Adam Levine? Because they don't even let the band in the videos anymore, and when did he shave his head? I somehow missed that.


Leslie (28:29):

He always has a different look. If you ever watched him on The Voice he had a different look every season, but ...


Barnes (28:33):

Shaved his head, and now he has a full on beard like something you would see the pilgrims out in the middle of nowhere. It's a completely different look.


Cubby (28:44):

But man, I tell you what, they've had a run though, right?


Barnes (28:45):

Amish, yeah. I like Maroon 5, but it's just funny. It's like they recorded 700 songs the first time they got together, and they're just putting out 10 every time.


Leslie (28:54):

He does have an amazing voice, though. You have to admit that.


Cubby (28:56):

I like them.


Barnes (28:57):

He totally does. I got off at the airport at LAX one time, and he was sitting in the very front waiting to get on the plane, and he had a black cap pulled down over his head. He's a stud. The guy is just like a super rockstar who's ... I like their first album better than any of them.


Cubby (29:10):

Have you ran into everybody at some point, Barnes?


Barnes (29:13):

I ran into Rick Ross at FedEx.


Cubby (29:15):

There you go. You need to have a weekly feature like who I ran into.


Barnes (29:18):

Just on people I ran into this week.


Cubby (29:19):

Yeah, who I ran into this week.


Barnes (29:20):

He was in a metallic silver either Lamborghini or Ferrari like it was a mirror, like a complete mirror. And he was a mess at the counter trying to get all of his stuff organized to send out.


Leslie (29:32):

When you run into somebody at the airport do you go up and talk to them?


Barnes (29:35):

At the airport?


Leslie (29:36):

Yeah, like if you saw-


Cubby (29:36):

Not unless I'm a really big fan.


Leslie (29:37):

Kind of give them their space.


Barnes (29:39):

Only person I have done ... Two people, Johnnie Cochran-


Leslie (29:42):



Barnes (29:43):

... and Tom Landry.


Cubby (29:46):

Oh yeah, that's huge.


Barnes (29:47):

The two that you're never going to get another shot.


Leslie (29:50):

Yeah, I can see that. I can see that.


Cubby (29:52):

A lot of times I want to do it just because I want the ... Do it for the gram like for Facebook. But I usually don't go up to them because I feel bad. I don't want to bother them.


Leslie (30:02):

I did my first virtual concert a few days ago. Obviously I'm watching stuff on Facebook Live and Instagram but I went into Veeps, which is much ... There's a lot of these platforms out there now. There's Sessions and Mystro and StageIt. But Pete Yorn did his legendary album, Music From the Morning After. Barnes and I were able to play that when we worked at 99X. That record's like 2001, but he did the whole album from beginning to end, I liked the program because tickets start at 15 bucks, but then you can pay more and they give you these fun different levels. And I went ahead and just said, "I'm going to give them 100 bucks," since I was like, "Yeah, I get a hug for 100 bucks." It was really cool, and then if course I love watching the chat because you've got people from all over the world. So this may be the new norm for concerts for the next few years.


Barnes (30:48):

You paid for a virtual hug?


Leslie (30:50):

No, I paid 100 bucks for Pete Yorn because I love him. It was fun.


Barnes (30:54):

Women love them some Yorn.


Leslie (30:55):

Love Pete Yorn.


Barnes (30:57):

Man, they love that guy.


Cubby (30:58):

But you're right, Leslie. That is going to be the new norm for at least another year or two. All right, we've got somebody waiting to get on, and we cannot keep them waiting long because he'll kick our ass. Let's watch a scene first from his sitcom, which is so funny seeing him in this role. This is Bill Goldberg on The Goldbergs.


Goldberg (31:15):

Let's go. Come on 58. What the Hell is that. This ain't Sunday school. You're as useless as your communication degree. Well look at that, a tea party broke out at a football game. Get up, Lopez. I'll say when you have heat stroke.


Speaker 20 (31:33):

That's Miller's brother. Look at him. It's like this coach ate our coach.


Speaker 21 (31:37):

All I see is a big teddy bear who aches for his brother's love.


Goldberg (31:41):

What the Hell do you think you're doing, Blondie?


Speaker 21 (31:43):

I'm here to bring the Miller boys back together. It's time to fix things with Coach Rick, Coach Nick.


Goldberg (31:48):

My brother, pass.


Barnes (31:53):

You know when that music sounds just like Batman, he appears. Ladies and gentlemen, Bill Goldberg on The Pop Culture Show. Hey Bill.


Goldberg (32:02):

God, that never gets old, you know.


Barnes (32:03):

No, I want to play that just when I get up in the morning and I walk out of my bedroom.


Goldberg (32:07):

Well, sometimes they need it as inspiration to get in the shower, but you know. Everybody needs their little push in the morning any damn day.


Barnes (32:19):

Are you working somewhere, are you at home right now, where are you?


Goldberg (32:23):

I'm working right by my pool.


Barnes (32:26):



Goldberg (32:27):

If you can imagine one of the maybe five or 10 places that you've thrown in front of me over the past 10 years as far as vacation spots to spend a couple days. Pick one of those out, and that's kind of where I am.


Barnes (32:44):

What he's talking about, Leslie and Cubby is a few times we'll put the siren out if I get a call from a big hotel chain that's saying, "We need you to film here. We've got a villa." So I'll call Goldberg sometimes and go, "Dude, we've got this 18-bedroom villa in Anguilla," and he'll be like, "Goddammit, let me figure this out." And he's trying to shuffle around, "I've got this and I've got that." That's what he's talking about. So now he's got his own paradise.


Goldberg (33:11):

Yeah, it sucks. I haven't been able to go man. [inaudible 00:33:13] take you up on our wonderful offer.


Leslie (33:15):

So Bill, do you mind being called Bill or do you want to just be called Goldberg?


Goldberg (33:19):

Come on Leslie, you can call me anything you want.


Leslie (33:22):

So Goldberg ... No. You're career has just been amazing, obviously from being a super athlete to acting. What's been the most rewarding for you?


Goldberg (33:32):

Well first and foremost, Leslie, for you to characterize it as amazing is a reach to say the least, but I think the longevity I guess needs ... The amazing part is that I've been able to reinvent myself I think. I haven't been great at anything by any stretch of the imagination. But once I feel the need or the quality wanes I turn the corner and try to do something else. Back in the day when we were all doing our thing back in Atlanta those were the greatest times. They really were, whether it was winning in front of 45,000 people at The Dome or standing on the sidelines trying to get in for the Falcons for three or four years, playing in the celebrity softball games. I've done a lot of cool things in my life, but those are the ones with your good friends that you cherish. Those are the ones that make memories.


Cubby (34:29):

I have to ask, Wikipedia isn't always right. Are you 6'2" and 266. That's what it says right now. Are you current six foot two, 266? Is that accurate or off base?


Goldberg (34:41):

Well I've been hit in the head with a number of chairs but not that many. I would've shrunk a number of inches but I'm 6'4" and about 270.


Barnes (34:51):

Cubby and Leslie, funny story about Goldberg. One time I was visiting him at his house when he lived outside of San Diego, and we went to lunch, and we went to this little place, I don't even remember what it's called. It was a small Mom and Pop regular old place, and we went in, and I ordered a grilled chicken and a whatever. Goldberg ordered, like, seven entrees. You mentioned the 6'4" or two, whatever. He orders all these entrees and the people knew him there, like the people that worked there. So they come with the massive, like the whole team has to bring out his entrees, and they line them up in front of him, and he just one at a time methodically just eats these full dishes. And I'm sitting there with my one little chicken breast. I'm like, "Okay, great."


Barnes (35:37):

Bill, the weird thing is everyone in the room must stares at you the whole time. Is that weird, just everywhere ... Because you're like a superhero?


Goldberg (35:44):

What's weird is the amount that I consume. What people have to understand is that once you get to a point where you eat that much food at some point throughout your life food has become different to you. For me it's fuel. I don't really taste much anymore. Eating is not enjoyment for me. It's a necessity. I remember the days with the Falcons that I'd wake up in the middle of the night and eat double cheeseburgers just to be able to gain weight or sustain weight throughout practice. It's a blessing and it's a curse. It's cool to be able to eat just about anything you want and not turn into the Pillsbury Doughboy for sure. But it's financially straining, and it's Hell on your gastrointestinal system.


Barnes (36:33):

But the other part, [crosstalk 00:36:35] the other part Bill. You lived out in the middle of nowhere in San Diego, and I know now in Texas you're out in the middle of somewhere with a compound. And everywhere you go, though, the times that I've been with you, multiple, multiple times, people just stare at you. And it's because you're this bigger than life character that really is that big. So when people see you they're thinking there's Goldberg about to get in the ring, and you have the glasses, your cool sunglasses on, you're in some loud muscle car, and you pop up and get out and go in and eat. And you can't just have your meal. Everyone's starting at you. Does that ever get just weird?


Goldberg (37:12):

Yeah, it's all an experience. You take the good with the bad, and I still consider that good. I'm greatly appreciative that anybody and everybody would notice me for something favorable as opposed to me being in jail or something. It's a lifelong journey that has it's ups and downs, and your privacy at the end of the day is one of those things that can be compromised at times, but that's why I'm sitting in the middle of 130 acres in the middle of nowhere, and you can't even find me on Google Maps. I'm either working or I'm not working, and I'm an extremist, and I'm from one end of the spectrum to the next.


Goldberg (37:50):

Every time I step out of my house into the public I have to have that mentality that you obviously treat everybody how you want to be treated. There are some freaks out there for sure, you've seen them. But it's an honorable deal. It really is. It means I guess throughout the years I've done something right.


Leslie (38:12):

I didn't like what you said earlier about you never did anything great. That is not true. First and foremost you had an undeniable streak. You had so many wins. What was it that kept you so focused and in the game?


Goldberg (38:26):

You guys know me. There were a lot of reasons that I was successful. First and foremost I was in the right place at the right time with the right ... The business was taking a turn. Hogan and those guys left the WWF, the WWE, whatever it was at the time. The WCW Turner gig was head-to-head with the pre-eminent wrestling company in the world, and I was in the right place at the right time. Hogan needed a baby face, somebody from I guess nowhere. It took a long time for me to decide to be in the wrestling business because, and you guys can understand this, you weren't in this situation but when I played in Georgia and when I played with the Falcons I would always go out in Atlanta, and those were the times. And I'd always see a number of wrestlers, and I never wanted to be associated with the certain ones that I saw all the time. It took me a long time to make that decision.


Goldberg (39:30):

What kept me going all the time was me having to look in the mirror and be proud of what I was doing. I'm always of the opinion that if you're going to do something you've got to do it right, period, end of story. You've got to give 1,000%. Unfortunately, in this day and time mediocrity is kind of the norm. It's accepted. But in my book I don't want to be like anybody else, I don't want to be as good as anybody else, I want to be better in every respect. What kept me going was the one thing that my dad always told me, "You're only as good as your next match."


Cubby (40:10):

What is your current WWE status right now at this very moment?


Goldberg (40:15):

I am contracted with the WWE for the next two years through 2022, '23. I've got two matches per year. I've exhausted my limit this year quite early on April the fifth with WrestleMania under these really weird circumstances. But I've got a couple other extremely interesting projects right on the cusp, but as you guys know in the entertainment business right now everything's on hold unless it's a production of 10 or under pretty much. We got a lot of cool things that people are going to find out about pretty soon. My WWE commitment is still going strong. At 53, I never would've imagined especially after making fun of Flair when he was doing it in his early 40s.


Goldberg (41:08):

I haven't read everything that Tyson said about his comeback, but the one thing that struck me, which was the reality. Age is just a number, and I think that we're part ... Tyson and I and I don't want to group myself with him because I'm not the athlete that he is by any stretch of the imagination, but we're of a certain generation that continues to have a lot of pride in what they do. It doesn't surprise me one bit that he's in the shape that he's in because I have the same mentality that he does. I still have to walk around and be Goldberg. And I also have a 14-year-old son that I try to train with every day who's playing his first year of football this year. It's all about setting an example in a positive way every single day and trying to be your best.


Barnes (41:59):

Bill, some of the guys from the WWE podcast they listened, and they sent in a question. Let's listen. This is Matt.


Matt (42:06):

Hi. This is Matt. I'm the creator and host of the WWE podcast, and this question is for Goldberg. If you were to pinpoint a single piece of advice that you've gotten over the years that has been the most important to your success as a pro wrestler what would that be if you were able to just pinpoint a single piece of advice, and thanks again.


Goldberg (42:28):

Oh man, there's a number of them that were integral, I think, in my success. But the most simplistic one is once you think you're going slow go even slower because I get really ancy when I get in the ring. And a lot of people do, and they're nervous. The one thing that always helped me being Goldberg and being different and being able to control every aspect of my performance, whether it's breathing or a turn, is taking your time. There were a number of times when I didn't do it, and I was mediocre at best.


Barnes (43:08):

That's good advice. It's hard to do.


Goldberg (43:08):

I think it is. You can apply it in everything.


Barnes (43:10):

Goldberg, your place in San Diego, I've not seen your Texas place yet, but you had how many garages were out there, eight?


Goldberg (43:17):

Man, there were ... Let's, they're 14.


Barnes (43:20):

14 garages. He had a gym that's bigger than any LA Fitness that I've seen with every piece of gear you can imagine. He had built his son, not a go cart track, but an off road track. It looked like a place where you would pay admission to get into to go ride a four-wheeler jumping over things. It was insane. Do you have that, have you upped yourself at your new compound in Texas? What's there?


Goldberg (43:49):

I don't know how to answer that question and not sound like a dick, but ... Seriously, seriously-


Barnes (43:58):

It's toys.


Goldberg (43:59):

... hey man, I worked my ass off. You guys know it. I've worked really hard.


Barnes (44:04):

No one doubts that. No one doubts that.


Goldberg (44:06):

And I live on 130 acres, and I'm about to build a 15,000 square foot garage that I'm going to put 37 cars in.


Barnes (44:15):

What else is there? So you're building this massive garage, and is there another track for your son?


Goldberg (44:21):

I put it this way ... Leslie, my wife got a zebra last week.


Barnes (44:24):

She got a zebra?


Leslie (44:26):

Like an animal zebra?


Barnes (44:28):

Are you going to go Tiger King on us?


Goldberg (44:30):

Dude, I live on 130 acres with about 20 longhorn steer, llamas, sheep, goats, deer, about four kind of deer, miniature ponies.


Leslie (44:44):

It's a safari out there.


Cubby (44:45):

Charge admission, yeah.


Goldberg (44:47):

My wife's into horses. Put it this way, she can have whatever kind of animal ... Inside there's a miniature deer in my kitchen right now.


Barnes (44:56):

What will it cost to get a picture of Goldberg on a mini-pony.


Goldberg (45:01):

Oh, no, that won't happen. He'll kill me. It's only like 28 inches high, but it's a knee biter. He'll blow your kneecaps out.


Leslie (45:12):

How does one buy a zebra?


Goldberg (45:13):

But here's the deal. Wanda, she was given the zebra. Three houses down they have giraffes. We live in the middle of nowhere, guys. We're on 130 acres, and I got a big pond in the back where I just hang out and fish and relax. It's our end game. My wife was an ex-stunt woman, and she put her body through hell throughout the years. We've got a 14-year-old boy that we moved out to this area of the country so he can pursue his academic and his sports love, and hopefully we can relax and retire here. But things are still going strong. One of the projects I got, unfortunately, has me living in LA for a couple days a week. Right when I find my end game I got to turn around and go right back to where I came from.


Goldberg (46:08):

I'm very lucky. We've all been very successful throughout the years. I thank everyone that's around me. It's just persistence. It's hard work. Like I said, I haven't been really good at anything, so I got to keep reinventing myself and trying again.


Cubby (46:26):

How far is the airport from your house because we're all coming over?


Goldberg (46:30):

There's three ways. There's a guy with a strip three miles down the road. The local airport is 12 miles down the road. And I will tell you that San Antonio is an hour away from me. If you guys flew a little private you could get in really close, or if you parachuted in-


Barnes (46:53):

We're coming. Get the Gulfstream.


Goldberg (46:53):

... I got a great landing pad over here.


Leslie (46:55):

Hey, we haven't talked about Goldberg the actor. You've been in a lot of movies, TV shows from The Goldbergs to NCIS LA. Any acting gigs coming up?


Goldberg (47:05):

Yup. That's one of the ones that that's why the LA commitment. It's a spin-off from NCIS, and myself and an unnamed superstar are starring in it. It's kind of like a modern day A-Team kind of gimmick. It's going to be really awesome. It's something I've wanted to be for a very long time. It's a fun project. It's going to have to be fun to get me to leave where I am right now.


Barnes (47:33):

That's going to be awesome. [crosstalk 00:47:35] You can't give us a hint who the other guy is?


Goldberg (47:37):

Absolutely not, I wouldn't, not yet.


Barnes (47:40):

That sounds fun. Congratulations, Goldberg.


Leslie (47:42):

That's amazing.


Barnes (47:43):

You're just killing it, man. And for you to do a role like you do on The Goldbergs when you're putting yourself out there with funky little tight shorts and knee socks. It shows a lot of-


Goldberg (47:54):

I caught more hell from that, man. I'll tell you what, Bryan Callen and everybody on that cast is indicative of their characters to the nth degree. It's just a blast every time I'm there. Hey man, I'm as goofy as the next guy. I have no problem emasculating myself. My wife does it to me every day, so I'm kind of used to it.


Barnes (48:21):

Well thank you for coming on. It was so great to catch up with, Bill.


Goldberg (48:22):

Oh man, it's a true pleasure to talk to you guys again. And hopefully we can do it again soon. Everybody be safe out there. I miss you guys, and it was an honor and a privilege to be on, and have a wonderful Sunday.


Barnes (48:36):

Well just get that teed up for your next WWE match, Goldberg versus coronavirus, and just take of it, done, finished.


Goldberg (48:44):

Yeah, that would be nice. My father was an obstetrician/gynecologist so I kind of have being a doctor in my blood, but I don't think I could take that one on.


Barnes (48:54):

You've met your match. All right, Goldberg.


Goldberg (48:57):

Yes, that's for sure. You guys be well.


Leslie (48:58):

Thank you.


Barnes (48:59):

See you, bye, bye.


Cubby (49:00):

Thank you.


Leslie (49:01):

Major revelation there at the end. Another NCIS spin-off. How many is this?


Barnes (49:05):

Oh, I know. That is cool. But good for him. He keeps killing it.


Leslie (49:08):

I wonder who the other sidekick will be. That'll be fun.


Barnes (49:11):

Such a great guy. Such a cool dude. All right, celebrity confidential, that's our series we've had for one whole week, and that's where we just tell stories from beyond, stories from beyond the backstage door, stories from beyond the set. This week it is Leslie Fram. Cannot wait to hear this story. What is it? I don't even know what it is.


Leslie (49:31):

If you think about your all time favorite TV shows like I think Game of Thrones might be mine, and then I don't know, Breaking Bad, but Dexter is definitely in the top five.


Barnes (49:39):

Oh yeah. I never got into that, but everyone loved it.


Leslie (49:42):

It was incredible if you ever want to go back and binge on it. But Michael C. Hall obviously his claim to fame was Dexter and Six Feet Under. When I was working in New York at a rock station called WRXP we had Michael C. Hall in for an interview. This was at the height of Dexter, season five finale, 2010? Yeah, 2010. We didn't know what to expect, but we made the room that we did the interview in a kill room. Did you ever watch any of Dexter, Cubby?


Cubby (50:13):

I did not. I'm sorry.


Leslie (50:14):

The kill room where he would kill people in Dexter was all plastic and garbage, like the whole room. He would cover all the walls. So we covered all the walls to make it a kill room, of course not knowing what to expect. We're kind of nervous not knowing is he going to be pissed about this, are his handlers going to be upset. No, he-


Barnes (50:34):

So like blood everywhere. You had just plastic up.


Leslie (50:36):

No, just the whole plastic everywhere just like he would for a kill room in Dexter. So he walks into the radio station by himself kind of wandering the halls and we find him. Super cool guy, and we're like, "Oh god, what is he going to thing? What's he going to think?" He walks in, he kind of looks around at the kill room, and he's like, "Nothing like a little murder to bring friends together." So he was really fun about it, very cool. We do the interview, he does a takeover, plays an hour of his favorite music. Played Bob Dylan, he played The Who, bunch of rock stuff. So that was it, great guy.


Leslie (51:11):

Fast forward 2013 I am going to LA to see The Who with a friend of mine. This was like the big Quadrophenia tour with everybody in the band, and I think it was at the Staples Center, and-


Barnes (51:23):



Leslie (51:25):



Cubby (51:26):



Leslie (51:27):

My friend and I ... she gets the tickets, great seats, we're going to see The Who, I'd never seen The Who before, so psyched. We're sitting there and the show starts. 10 minutes into the show we see a couple of guys kind of crowding in our space because everybody's standing. You're standing up because it's The Who. I'm like, "Guys are in our space. They keep crowding us. They keep crowding ... They're getting closer and closer. I'm getting agitated." I'm like, "Wait a second, we bought these tickets. These are our seats. These guys are like ..." I'm getting read to turn around and say something. Barnes, I know you would've said something if somebody's crowding into your space at a concert.


Barnes (52:04):

Well yeah just because that's your space.


Leslie (52:06):

That's your space.


Barnes (52:06):

You paid for it, yeah.


Leslie (52:07):

So I turn around. I'm about to say something, and I turn around, and it's Dexter. It's Michael C. Hall and this buddy of his. And I'm like, "Yeah, I was about to throw shade at Dexter." And he does, "Hey, we're really sorry. We're just really big fans. Do you guys mind?" And we're like, "Oh no, of course not. You can hang with us." So we end up watching the show with Dexter, with Michael C. Hall and his buddy for the whole show. Of course, I was going to let him in my space. He's Dexter.


Barnes (52:34):

Did he remember everything previously from three years ago?


Leslie (52:37):

He kind of looked and kind of acknowledged like, "Oh hey." And I was like, "Yeah hey." So obviously at that point I was very cool, and I was like, "Of course I'm going to let Michael C. Hall watch The Who with us whether we were crowded or not."


Barnes (52:50):

Qweef it. All right, that was a good story. Which Hall?


Leslie (52:58):

Michael C. Hall.


Barnes (52:59):

Yeah, Michael C. Hall.


Cubby (52:59):

Anthony Michael.


Leslie (52:59):

You were thinking of ...


Barnes (53:03):

Six Underground, Six Feet Underground, that was my Michael C. Hall. That was the show that I liked him from. I just couldn't get into Dexter. And Cubby, you're the same way.


Cubby (53:10):

I couldn't either, yeah.


Leslie (53:12):

It was really good.


Cubby (53:12):

I hope you still love me, Leslie.


Leslie (53:13):

That's okay.


Barnes (53:14):

I've tried it multiple times. Just never worked.


Leslie (53:17):

It was like eight seasons. That show was huge.


Cubby (53:20):

You want to talk about huge, guys, I have the ratings.


Barnes (53:24):

Oh, here we go.


Cubby (53:26):

You ready for this guys?


Barnes (53:27):



Cubby (53:28):

No, you're going to love this.


Barnes (53:29):

This is the ratings for our show.


Cubby (53:29):

For our show. How many people are tuned in, and the rankings. Big news, guys, we're number five in Guatemala, but we're down one. We are down one. We were number four, we're down to number five.


Barnes (53:41):

Killing it.


Cubby (53:42):

But you know what, it's Guatemala.


Barnes (53:44):

Where is that?


Cubby (53:45):

Now, this is unbelievable. We probably should have a ratings party. We're number one in Bolivia-


Leslie (53:51):



Cubby (53:51):

... for three weeks in a row, number one-


Barnes (53:53):



Cubby (53:54):

... in Bolivia.


Leslie (53:54):

Thank you, Bolivia.


Cubby (53:55):

Yup, yup, yup. This, though, is kind of sad. We have really dropped like a rock in Canada. We're currently number 2,306 in Canada.


Barnes (54:08):

They just don't get American humor at all.


Cubby (54:11):

Yeah, maybe so. By the way, finally, we were a former number one in Turkey. We are now completely out of the top 50, so bye, bye Turkey.


Barnes (54:21):

What are we doing wrong?


Leslie (54:22):

I don't know why these numbers are dropping in Canada and in Turkey.


Cubby (54:25):



Speaker 1 (54:29):

This is Cubby's Pop Culture throwback, a rewind into the vault of music, movies, and moments.


Cubby (54:36):

All right guys, we're going back to the year 2000. Where were you in the year 2000, Leslie?


Leslie (54:40):

We were just talking about that. I was at 99X playing Pet Yorn records.


Cubby (54:44):

Back in the year 2000 there was a lot going on on the charts, there was a lot going on in the theaters. Do you know what the number one song this week on the pop charts was? Obviously you don't off the top of your head, but let me give you a hint, it's a boy band, pop charts, boy band.


Leslie (55:00):



Cubby (55:00):

Boom, Leslie Fram for the win.


Speaker 23 (55:04):



Cubby (55:12):

Number one song in the country 20 years ago this week, It's Gonna Be Me by NSYNC. And I thought you were going to say like the Backstreet Boys because when we say boy band there was a million of them out in the year 2000. You had O-Town, you had NSYNC, Backstreet Boys-


Leslie (55:24):

All huge.


Cubby (55:26):

... Westlife. I can go on and on. There was a lot of them out in 2000. The number one song on the Country charts 20 years ago this week. It went over to crossover everywhere. It's our girl, Lee Ann Womack.


Lee Ann Womack (55:37):



Cubby (55:42):

Such a great song.


Leslie (55:43):

Really inspirational.


Lee Ann Womack (55:47):



Barnes (55:47):

Sing, I hope you die?


Leslie (55:48):



Cubby (55:49):

No, I hope you dance, [crosstalk 00:55:50] dummy.


Lee Ann Womack (55:54):



Cubby (55:54):

That's a great song.


Leslie (55:54):

It is.


Cubby (55:55):

I'm sorry, I play that all the time-


Leslie (55:56):



Cubby (55:56):

... on the radio station I'm on here in New York. The number one song on the modern rock chart this week in the year 2000.


Barnes (56:03):

2000 ...


Cubby (56:04):

Not Jesus Jones. It's not Jesus Jones.


Barnes (56:06):



Leslie (56:07):

Wait, wait, wait, give us a hint.


Cubby (56:09):

Okay. This was their first song, and they went on a pretty good run after this. They're from Mississippi I believe.


Barnes (56:17):

Oh, 3 Doors Down.


Cubby (56:18):



Leslie (56:19):

Boom, Barnes.


Cubby (56:19):

3 Doors Down.


Speaker 26 (56:23):



Cubby (56:30):

I feel like this is the only song they had that really kind of rocked.


Barnes (56:32):



Cubby (56:34):

No, but all the singles were kind of like [crosstalk 00:56:36].


Barnes (56:36):

Be without you, baby.


Cubby (56:38):

They were kind of slow. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Barnes (56:40):

We did a cool thing, Cubby, with them one time. We did a show from our listener's living room.


Cubby (56:43):

Oh really.


Barnes (56:44):

Yeah, we showed up with 3 Doors Down. What was that thing called, Leslie?


Leslie (56:47):

Home Invasion.


Barnes (56:49):

Home Invasion.


Leslie (56:49):

Remember Tommy Lee.


Barnes (56:50):

We could never do that. Yeah, we did Tommy Lee. Set up a drum set, Cubby, in someone's front yard, and they didn't know it was coming.


Cubby (56:57):

Oh, that's too cool.


Barnes (56:57):

And then we did the whole show at their house. So we literally at 4:00 AM we started setting up the drum set in front of this house in Atlanta. And Tommy Lee shows up in a van, the door opens, he walks up, sits down, starts twirling his sticks, and did a full on drum solo in the neighborhood. People started coming out of the doors. I wish we had video of that. But yeah, 3 Doors Down in someone's living room.


Cubby (57:16):

I have a quick 3 Doors Down story too. I was eating at Virgil's Barbecue in Times Square in New York.


Barnes (57:21):



Leslie (57:21):



Cubby (57:21):

Remember Virgil's?


Leslie (57:22):

Yup, I've been there.


Barnes (57:22):



Cubby (57:23):

And I ran into some friends from Universal Records, and they were having dinner with a new band. And they're like, "Hey Cubby, we just signed them, 3 Doors Down." Had no idea who they were, and then of course they end up being huge.


Leslie (57:34):



Barnes (57:35):

Nice guys.


Cubby (57:35):

That's cool when you meet ... And they'd never been in New York before, and they were all excited. Number one song on the R&B charts this week was a group called Jagged Edge, and a song called Let's Get Married.


Speaker 27 (57:46):



Cubby (57:49):

This is a jam. I don't know if you remember this song though.


Leslie (57:51):

Oh yes.


Speaker 27 (57:51):



Cubby (57:55):

The number one movie at the box office 20 years ago this week was Nutty Professor II: The Klumps.


Audio (58:03):

Well, Momma, funny you should say that? Denise and I have been doing some research on aging which has proven to be extremely promising.


Audio (58:07):

[inaudible 00:58:07] in public. [inaudible 00:58:09] don't want to hear all that nastiness.


Audio (58:10):

He bringing the base, huh.


Audio (58:12):

If you're going to be burping cover your mouth before [inaudible 00:58:14].


Audio (58:14):

Hold that shit in, you know your grandma don't like that, now.


Audio (58:16):

Don't destroy your everybody's meal.


Audio (58:17):

And don't belch when Uncle Sherman's talking.


Cubby (58:22):

Such a great scene. Both movies had that famous dinner scene that was classic. This really hit me hard over this past weekend because I was working on this week in 2000. It was actually 20 years ago this week that Kathie Lee Gifford made her final appearance as cohost on Live with Regis and Kathie at the time. And then we lost Regis over the weekend, and I was working on this before he just passed away. So it was just odd that I have this sound in the system. This is when Regis and Kathie were saying goodbye. This was July 28th of the year 2000. Hang on a second.


Regis (58:54):

That's a lovely cake. Look at this.


Kathie (58:58):



Regis (58:59):

1985 to 2000. Thanks for the memories, and we really mean that. Goodbye, thanks for everything. It was a great 15 years.


Kathie (59:08):

I love you.


Leslie (59:10):



Cubby (59:11):

There you go. Finally, the biggest show on TV 20 years ago this week. It was brand new. It had only been on since May, and it was really hitting a peak around this time. It was Survivor, the very first Survivor.


Barnes (59:23):

This was the beginning?


Cubby (59:23):

The very, very beginning of Survivor.


Leslie (59:26):

That's still going.


Cubby (59:27):

Still going.


Barnes (59:28):

The start of an era.


Cubby (59:28):

I know, I know.


Barnes (59:29):

I watch it still.


Cubby (59:30):

Yup, still around. That and Big Brother.


Barnes (59:33):

All right. Thanks for listening to The Pop Culture Show. Don't forget to rate, review, and subscribe. Butch Walker will be our guest next week. We'll be on location except for Cubby who doesn't want to come because he's scared to fly.


Cubby (59:43):



Barnes (59:44):

We'll be on location in Tennessee at Butch's farm. And don't forget, if you're feeling a little parched, always remember to qweef it.


Leslie (59:54):

Q-U-I-F-I-T. Stop it.


Barnes (59:58):

See you next week.

Bill GoldbergProfile Photo

Bill Goldberg

“Who's next?”

That was the question sports-entertainment fans were asking in 1998 as the explosive rookie known as Goldberg ran through the World Championship Wrestling roster. From September 1997 until December 1998, the former University of Georgia and Atlanta Falcons defensive tackle went undefeated, crushing icons like Big Show and "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig en route to earning an unprecedented record of 173-0. Armed with two signature maneuvers — the Spear and the Jackhammer — Goldberg displayed a devastating mix of raw power and unbridled intensity that made him unstoppable.

With fans chanting his name in arenas across the country, “Da Man” ascended to the top of WCW in record time, defeating the iconic Hulk Hogan for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in front of more than 60,000 fans in the Georgia Dome within a year of his debut. Eventually, Goldberg’s undefeated streak run came to an end at the hands of Kevin Nash — and a stun gun wielded by Scott Hall — but the competitor was not deterred for long. Throughout the remainder of his WCW career, he dominated a laundry list of hard hitters, including Bam Bam Bigelow, Sid Vicious and Scott Steiner.

After WCW was purchased by WWE in 2001, WWE fans eagerly awaited the arrival of the powerhouse, but it would be two long years before Goldberg entered a WWE ring. On March 31, 2003, the wrecking machine finally made his WWE debut, spearing The Rock on Raw. This confrontation led to a showdown between the two icons at Backlash with Goldberg buzz-sawing through The Great One.

In the following months, the brute continued to dominate the competition, spearing Chris Jericho, Mark Henry and many others on a warpath to the top of WWE. To get there, however, Goldberg had to get through Triple H, which was no easy feat. The big man found this out at SummerSlam in the Elimination Chamber when The Game defeated him after a vicious sledgehammer shot.

Goldberg finally defeated The Cerebral Assassin for the World Heavyweight Championship one month later at Unforgiven before deciding to leave the ring for good. His last WWE match occurred at WrestleMania XX where he defeated Brock Lesnar, who was also competing in what was thought to be his final bout, with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as the Special Guest Referee.

Twelve years after retiring from in-ring competition, Goldberg returned to WWE at the 2016 Survivor Series and defeated Brock Lesnar in less than two minutes. He rode that momentum to WWE Fastlane where he defeated Kevin Owens to win the Universal Title. He subsequently returned to face The Undertaker, and destroy Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam 2019. At WWE Super Showdown, Goldberg returned to the squared cirlce to defeat "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt and win his second Universal Championship.

Goldberg's unbelievable return only added to his incredible legacy, and cemented him as a legend of the squared circle. That was confirmed when he was announced as the first inductee in the WWE Hall of Fame's Class of 2018. - WWE.com