July 20, 2020

Joe Gatto (Impractical Jokers) + Palm Springs + Latest Celeb News

Joe Gatto from Impractical Jokers is our special guest. Someone on the show has a Jagermeister tap at home. 2 out of 3 on the show drove Lyft & Uber. A naked protester. Howard Stern talks about someone on our show + more.

Joe Gatto from Impractical Jokers is our special guest + someone on the show has a Jagermeister tap at home + the latest celebrity sleaze + Palm Springs hype + new music from The Chicks and Kygo + 2 out of 3 on the show drove Lyft & Uber + a naked protester + Howard Stern talks about someone on our show + more.


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Executive Producer: Steve Barnes

Hosts: Steve Barnes, Leslie Fram, Paul Cubby Bryant

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Speaker 1 (00:00):

Welcome to The Pop Culture Show with Barnes, Leslie and Cubby.

Barnes (00:04):

Full steam ahead with pop culture. Welcome to The Pop Culture Show. Someone asked me this week, guys, he said, "What is ... I don't do the podcast thing." And I'm like, "You know what? It's okay if you've never listened to a podcast. Maybe you don't know what it's about. It's easy." They hear the word download and they think they have to do something. You don't really have to do anything. You can listen to it anywhere. iHeartRadio app, Apple, whatever, you just hit play. And someone over said, "Well, what is your show," and I had to think about it. What's our elevator pitch?

Cubby (00:32):

Yeah, we're like the one-stop shop, I think.

Barnes (00:33):


Cubby (00:33):

We are the 7-Eleven. Yeah.

Leslie (00:36):

The good thing about podcasts though, is that because all three of us have done radio, Cubby's still on a very successful morning show in New York, is that you really don't have to edit yourself. It's not like you have to sit there and look at a watch. You just-

Cubby (00:47):


Leslie (00:47):

No editing.

Cubby (00:48):

Yeah, I love it. You just go.

Barnes (00:51):

This is someone who is a very successful designer, one of Heather's friends that was over for dinner, she's like, "Well, what did y'all talk about?" It's like, well, Kanye for president. That was so last week, and all these things. I said, "If you listen to our show, just under an hour, you'll be able to entertain any gathering and be able to be like you're right in it."

Cubby (01:09):

Can I just say, though, for the record, we do record the show at 11:00 AM on Sunday mornings, so last week, a lot happened after we recorded it.

Barnes (01:17):


Cubby (01:18):

We thought about jumping back on, but we couldn't get connected. But just to let people know, we know when things break, even on a Monday, because sometimes things break and we just, we can't get on and talk about it.

Barnes (01:28):

Yeah, unfortunately we're just one show a week for now, but hopefully that'll change at some point.

Leslie (01:33):

Maybe we'll be live every day one day.

Barnes (01:34):

Yeah, when I can get you two to quit your real jobs and we'll start doing it.

Leslie (01:37):

Cubby's like, don't give me another gig.

Cubby (01:40):

No, I'd be into it. I'm actually really enjoying this. I do have one thing, though, that I want to get off my chest that happened to me this past week, and I want to dive right into it because I think it could get you guys talking. It's been bugging me and bugging me. So I'm driving around a lot more, and people are wearing their masks, which I love. Wear your mask, okay? That's going to help. But do you guys see people driving alone in a car-

Barnes (02:01):


Cubby (02:01):

Wearing a mask?

Barnes (02:03):

And I wonder what the hell they're thinking.

Cubby (02:04):

Please tell me why. I need to get this off my chest.

Barnes (02:07):

You're protecting yourself from yourself.

Cubby (02:10):

I just don't get it.

Barnes (02:11):

But some people though, Cubby, you know what, still don't understand why they're wearing a mask in the first place.

Cubby (02:15):


Barnes (02:15):

Some people truly believe that it is to take the inhale and filter out the corona. It's the opposite. You're protecting projecting.

Cubby (02:27):

And I get some people are very busy and maybe they're going store to store and they just keep it on, but it just, it makes me laugh every time I see somebody just wearing a mask in the car by themselves.

Barnes (02:34):


Leslie (02:34):

Have you seen the thing on Amazon you can buy, the air filter, like if you're going on a flight? And a friend of mine bought one because she's flying back from Portland this week, and she's got the air filter mask that's hooked up to her arm. And I'm like-

Barnes (02:47):

Well, she needs a bulletproof vest more than that, because Portland's out of control right now.

Cubby (02:51):


Barnes (02:51):

I mean, it's completely ... Hey, please rate, review, and subscribe. That's how we keep this thing going. Of course, now you can get us on the iHeartRadio app, which is fairly new in the last month, now in Teslas everywhere, just search The Pop Culture Show, and also on-

Cubby (03:05):

Why are you laughing, Leslie?

Leslie (03:05):

He's such a Tesla dude.

Barnes (03:05):

What? These are outlets.

Leslie (03:06):

He's such a Tesla dude.

Barnes (03:09):

I'm doing a service for Tesla people who might want to listen in the car. You can search it. It's right there. Amazon Alexa, the Google Hub, whatever.

Cubby (03:20):

MySpace, we're everywhere.

Barnes (03:22):

Yeah, we're on MySpace. We're on a delay-

Cubby (03:23):


Barnes (03:24):

We're on a 10 year delay on MySpace, but we're there. And also, coming up today, Joe Gatto, good friend of Cubby's. This guy is hysterical, from Impractical Jokers. He's coming up. Last plug, we have someone very big next week, and when I say big, I don't just mean in stature, I don't just mean in popularity.

Leslie (03:43):

You mean big.

Barnes (03:44):

I mean, big in every way. Goldberg, WWE powerhouse.

Cubby (03:56):


Barnes (03:57):


Cubby (03:58):

We're getting some good guests, man, for a show that's just getting legs here.

Barnes (04:01):

He's such a great guy. He will be on with us next week. Bill Goldberg. You know he's on The Goldbergs? Which is so funny. He's a recurring character.

Leslie (04:10):

Which is hysterical.

Barnes (04:11):

He plays the gym coach.

Cubby (04:12):

I should try to get Whoopi on the show, Whoopi Goldberg.

Barnes (04:15):

Totally. We need an Oscar winner. We haven't had one yet.

Cubby (04:17):

Yeah, let me work on that.

Leslie (04:17):

Let's get all the bergs on the show.

Cubby (04:18):


Barnes (04:20):

We need to have a winner of each award at some point. Have we had a Grammy winner yet?

Cubby (04:25):

Well, we might. We might.

Leslie (04:26):

We might, yeah.

Barnes (04:27):

We haven't yet, right?

Cubby (04:28):

I think we have some Grammy nominees.

Barnes (04:29):

Let's work on that.

Cubby (04:30):

We'll work on it.

Barnes (04:30):

Yeah, let's work on it. Anyway, so Bill Goldberg will be on next week, and if you have a question you want to leave for him, Fram, give them the number.

Leslie (04:43):

Is that the sound of crickets?

Barnes (04:45):

I tested you, and I thought you wrote it down one time. 404-939-3733. You can leave a message, a question for Goldberg, and be sure and tell us where you're calling from and all that good stuff, and your name. So Cubby, your question was what?

Cubby (05:02):

Well, no, I got the mask thing off my chest, and I'm sorry-

Barnes (05:05):

Good. You feel better?

Cubby (05:05):

I just had to get into it. Well, I do feel better, but I want to make sure that I know that ... I want to make sure you guys know I love you and I want to know what happened throughout your week, and I want to know a headline maybe, like a highlight of the Barnes week, and then we'll get to Leslie after that.

Barnes (05:16):

I'm going on a plane for the first time after we are done with this show since February, which is rare. Going to Houston for a shoot, literally two hours.

Cubby (05:26):

Is the plane packed?

Barnes (05:29):

There's no one next to me, and the whole middle seats, I can tell they're blocked out.

Cubby (05:34):


Leslie (05:34):

What are you going to pack?

Barnes (05:35):

I'm just bringing gear.

Leslie (05:36):

I mean, hand sanitizer, obviously your mask. What else?

Barnes (05:39):

Well, they have that at the airport.

Cubby (05:40):

And that flight is, what, hour?

Barnes (05:42):

Hour and a half.

Cubby (05:42):

Hour and a half?

Barnes (05:43):


Cubby (05:43):


Barnes (05:43):

Like 1 37.

Cubby (05:44):


Barnes (05:45):

I had an avail check this week for a show, so Hollywood's getting back to work.

Leslie (05:49):

What's an avail check?

Cubby (05:50):

What's an avail check, yeah?

Barnes (05:51):

That's when your agent calls you and the show calls them, and I auditioned for the show back in February and they called to say, "Is he available?" They'll do that so they don't say, "We want to book him," and then you say no because you're doing something else.

Cubby (06:02):

What's the show?

Barnes (06:03):

I can't say.

Cubby (06:05):

Come on, man.

Leslie (06:06):

I'm just impressed that Barnes has an agent.

Barnes (06:08):

I've had the same agent for 20 years, Fram.

Leslie (06:10):

I know, I know-

Barnes (06:11):

Well, People Store.

Leslie (06:11):

It's just impressive.

Cubby (06:12):

Can you give a hint? Is this show on network TV? Is it a streaming?

Barnes (06:14):

It's on cable.

Cubby (06:14):

It's on cable.

Leslie (06:15):

It's on cable.

Barnes (06:16):

It's cable. I can't tell you, because legally, I can't talk about it until it happens.

Leslie (06:22):

You've played a lot of bad guys. Would you be auditioning to play a bad guy?

Barnes (06:26):

I will tell you, it is.

Leslie (06:28):

See? You're typecast.

Barnes (06:29):

Don't do that. Well, in a sense of, it's a CEO of a company who's a dick doing some bad things. That's all, yeah. How about you, Fram? What's going on in your world?

Leslie (06:39):

I had a really interesting week. I'm part of this new group called the Nashville Music Equality, and I hosted this big webinar. We talked to African American country music fans, and it was really eye-opening. This one girl whose Instagram post went viral, Rachel Berry, she talked about she's a country music fan, she loves Little Big Town, she goes to a ton of shows, but she did talk about how uncomfortable it is at some shows where people yell out racial slurs or look at her like, why are you here? And-

Barnes (07:09):

I saw you post that. I didn't realize what it was.

Leslie (07:11):

Yeah. She made this one comment that just, it was really hard for me to even say out loud, but she talked about kind of walking through a tailgating scenario where there were Confederate flags and she wished that she was invisible. And I was like-

Barnes (07:24):


Leslie (07:24):

Wow. So-

Barnes (07:25):


Leslie (07:26):

It was really powerful, and I'm excited about being part of this group.

Cubby (07:30):

Well, we all had very action-packed weeks.

Barnes (07:32):

And Cubby, your whole thing was you're just pissed off about people wearing masks in cars? That's it?

Cubby (07:36):

I just wanted to talk to somebody about it?

Barnes (07:38):

That's all you did?

Cubby (07:38):

Yeah, well, wait-

Barnes (07:38):

How's the baby?

Cubby (07:39):

Well, the baby's great. We have a five and a half month old. We've had a couple of blowouts this week. You guys remember blowouts. I'm sure you know blowouts.

Leslie (07:45):


Barnes (07:46):

Blowouts as in the pants, or blowouts as in situation?

Cubby (07:49):

Blowouts as in a situation with the pants, yeah, so-

Barnes (07:52):

Yeah, I'm being serious. You had a blowout like a blowout.

Leslie (07:55):

I'm like, a blowout.

Cubby (07:56):

Not like a blowout fight, but a couple of times where a little bit too much of number two, so-

Barnes (08:02):

That's what I'm saying.

Cubby (08:02):

Yeah, it's kept me busy, and-

Barnes (08:05):

Well, I didn't figure with your hairstyle that you went and got a blowout. I figured it was a blowout.

Cubby (08:10):

My wife actually went to the hair salon for the first time in months yesterday, and they don't do blowouts any more.

Leslie (08:15):

No, they can't.

Cubby (08:16):

Right. Makes sense.

Leslie (08:17):

Yeah, I used to get blowouts every week.

Barnes (08:18):

A world-

Leslie (08:18):

It's tough. Tough.

Barnes (08:19):

With no blowout?

Cubby (08:21):

Because yeah, it blows it around I guess, right? I guess that's the reason. I don't know. But you know what?

Barnes (08:26):

Shift the corona everywhere?

Cubby (08:27):

That's what they say, yeah. But I don't know. Do you go to a barber, or where do you get your hair done, Barnes? Because I go to a local guy-

Barnes (08:34):

I don't get my hair done. I just get it cut.

Cubby (08:37):

Do you support local business?

Barnes (08:39):


Cubby (08:39):

I go to a guy down the street that has the barber shop thing, the sign-

Barnes (08:43):

Of course you do.

Cubby (08:44):

Going around. Support your local businesses if you can.

Leslie (08:46):

I totally agree.

Barnes (08:48):


Cubby (08:48):


Barnes (08:48):

I go to an individual person who had branched off from a place ages ago and has her own little hut.

Cubby (08:55):


Barnes (08:55):

Yeah, so it's a one person hut. It's a business hut.

Cubby (08:59):

You go to a hut to get your hair done.

Barnes (09:00):

So I support the hut. It's funny.

Leslie (09:01):

It's kind of a real treat now to get your hair cut. I haven't had mine cut since February. I'm looking forward to going soon.

Cubby (09:07):


Barnes (09:07):

Cubby, which hair do you cut exactly?

Cubby (09:10):

See, that's what I was waiting for.

Barnes (09:11):

I just wanted to know, what hair do you cut?

Cubby (09:15):

It's fairly easy. I just do the old-

Barnes (09:17):

On the left or the right?

Cubby (09:18):

Yeah, I have two or three on the right. No, I get the old buzzer and I do a number one-

Barnes (09:21):

You get a shave.

Cubby (09:22):

And I just buzz it, and then we're good to go.

Leslie (09:23):

So it's easy.

Barnes (09:24):

So it's a clean up.

Cubby (09:25):

It's a clean up pretty much, yeah. Yeah.

Barnes (09:27):

That wasn't a diss. I was just curious when you say you go get-

Cubby (09:29):


Barnes (09:29):

A hair cut, you could go three years and someone wouldn't say, "Dude, you need a haircut."

Cubby (09:33):

Barnes, I am jealous. You've aged well, I'll tell you that.

Barnes (09:35):


Cubby (09:35):

You've aged very well.

Barnes (09:36):

Thank you.

Cubby (09:36):


Barnes (09:37):

So have you, though. You-

Cubby (09:38):

You have a lot of hair, you look good. You look young.

Leslie (09:39):

This is a great bromance situation here.

Cubby (09:41):

It really is. It really is.

Barnes (09:42):

I'm feeling warm inside, Cubby.

Cubby (09:44):

It just doesn't mean you don't look great, Leslie. This is just a guy thing right now.

Leslie (09:46):

I love it.

Cubby (09:46):


Leslie (09:46):

I know. I'm going to sit back and enjoy.

Cubby (09:48):


Barnes (09:49):

Cubby, I was concerned about you, you drinking a mimosa. I love that.

Cubby (09:53):


Barnes (09:53):

I was concerned. So this is on the same topic, this may be a problem. Earlier in the week, you texted me, and you were blowing me up with some weird drunk texting. And I thought, man, this guy is, at 11:00 AM, he's drunk texting me and he's being funny. You're going to feel the pain at 5:00 AM when that baby's awake.

Cubby (10:10):

Well, it was 11:00 PM. You said 11:00 AM.

Barnes (10:12):

Oh, 11:00 ... Oh yeah, right. Right now it's that time. No, but you were a little sauced, and I thought, man, this guy's going to feel the pain tomorrow.

Cubby (10:21):

Yeah, well-

Barnes (10:21):

You can still party like that with a five month old?

Cubby (10:24):

I've learned to kind of dial it back in the last week or two, actually, because I've been waking up-

Barnes (10:28):

The last week?

Cubby (10:28):

I've been waking up pretty banged up.

Leslie (10:29):

Well, you have the week off-

Cubby (10:29):


Leslie (10:30):

So you could afford a few cocktails.

Cubby (10:31):

Correct. I had the week off, and did I tell you my tradition? We have a Jagermeister shot machine in the kitchen?

Leslie (10:37):

You do not.

Barnes (10:37):


Leslie (10:37):

Who has a Jagermeister shot machine in their kitchen?

Cubby (10:40):

And Jager-

Barnes (10:41):


Cubby (10:41):

I didn't touch for years. I got really, really banged up on it like in the mid-90s. I didn't touch it for years. My wife lived in Germany, brought some Jager back, and I said, "I haven't had this in a while." It was, like, four years ago, and I kind of got back into it. So I bought a Jager shot machine. It gets down to minus 10 degrees, and every day at 5:00, we kick off happy hour with a shot.

Barnes (11:02):


Cubby (11:02):

Me and my wife. Yep, yep. And it's really good.

Leslie (11:05):

That is a crazy tradition. Now, I've heard of the margarita machines, but never the Jagermeister machines.

Cubby (11:09):

Jagermeister shot machine.

Barnes (11:11):

Cubby's house is ripe for a reality show. There are 34 cats, a Jager machine-

Leslie (11:15):

Let's shoot it.

Barnes (11:16):

Chickens in the back yard, they have-

Cubby (11:18):

Asian wife.

Barnes (11:19):

75 UPS packages at the front door every day.

Cubby (11:21):

Yep, yep.

Barnes (11:21):

I mean, seriously. There is some stuff going on. We need to dive into that more. How's that celebrity sleaze, Fram? You've got an entire week's worth to catch us up on.

Leslie (11:32):

This is insanity. First of all, it's the he said/she said trial of the century, that's the Johnny Depp libel suit, which is into its second week. If you ever want to read something funny, read the British tabloid headlines. They're better than The New York Post. They're incredible. But-

Cubby (11:47):

They are.

Leslie (11:47):

A lot happened this week. First of all, tell me how this happens, guys. Johnny Depp told the court he lost $650 million, his fortune mainly from Pirates of the Caribbean, $100 million in taxes that he owed. I mean, is that just a bad business person or what? How do you lose that much money?

Cubby (12:06):

It could be the people around him that just aren't managing his money properly either.

Leslie (12:09):

Yeah, and a couple other things came out in court. Apparently they showed a photo of him passed out covered in ice cream. His business manager does not like Amber Heard, called her a Machiavellian overlord, meaning she's a cunning person. But here's the part of the week that was truly fascinating. All of Johnny's exes came out in support, including Winona Ryder, calling him a good person. And then Vanessa Paradis, who he was with for 14 years and they have two kids together, she said, "Through all these years I've known Johnny to be a kind, attentive, generous, and non-violent person." So that's what happened this past week in the Johnny Depp trial. We'll see what happens next week.

Cubby (12:51):

I still can't get that audio out of my head you played last week.

Barnes (12:54):

That trial?

Cubby (12:55):

Yeah, yeah. That was crazy, man.

Leslie (12:58):

Of them trying to cut each other-

Cubby (12:59):


Leslie (12:59):

Or of him asking Amber Heard to cut him?

Barnes (13:00):

So weird.

Leslie (13:01):

It's unbelievable. So 30 Rock had a reunion. A lot of people thought it was just a big commercial for NBC's new streaming service called Peacock, and a lot of people were really disappointed in it. Although it was a little timely. Tina Fey's character Liz Melon did yell at a man for not wearing a mask.

Speaker 5 (13:19):

No mask, hot shot?

Speaker 6 (13:21):

We're in an open air system.

Speaker 5 (13:22):

You scared of the virus now?

Speaker 6 (13:23):

I already had corona. I was on my way to donate plasma.

Speaker 5 (13:26):

Boom, another successful interaction with a man.

Speaker 7 (13:29):

30 Rock returns-

Speaker 8 (13:30):

Shut up.

Speaker 7 (13:31):

With an all new reunion special.

Speaker 9 (13:33):

Dreams really do come true.

Speaker 5 (13:35):

How did you slap me?

Speaker 8 (13:37):

I have the iPhone 40.

Speaker 7 (13:38):

30 Rock: A One-Time Special. Thursday on NBC, streaming the next day on Peacock. And every 30 Rock episode available July 15th on Peacock.

Barnes (13:47):

What makes you think that wasn't a commercial?

Leslie (13:49):

For Peacock. I wonder how much they got paid for that reunion show.

Barnes (13:52):

A lot.

Leslie (13:53):

A lot. Now every female I know, I know Barnes, I'm not sure if-

Barnes (13:57):

I'm not a female.

Leslie (13:58):

If your wife or Cubby, if your wife are into these two guys. I know that I am, but together, Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling, teaming up for a Netflix move called The Gray Man. Man, that budget's over $200 million so far. It's a spy thriller. I'm talking to the wrong audience here-

Barnes (14:16):


Leslie (14:16):

But I'm telling you, it's going to be huge.

Barnes (14:18):

Cubby? Cubby's shaking his head.

Cubby (14:20):

I'm lukewarm on it.

Leslie (14:20):

Ah, come on.

Cubby (14:21):

Keep going.

Leslie (14:22):

Speaking of huge, here's a movie to watch I watched over the weekend, [Lenny 00:14:25] and I loved, although I do love Charlize Theron, but have you seen The Old Guard on Netflix?

Cubby (14:31):


Barnes (14:31):


Leslie (14:31):

She kicks butt. Well, it's a new ... She's immortal. And by the way, the way it ended, I was like, okay, well, they're going to have a sequel. And then the next day, I read there's a sequel in the works, so don't feel bad for actors. They're making a ton of money on Netflix. Speaking of sequels, again, Sandra Bullock, Bird Box.

Barnes (14:52):


Leslie (14:52):

Again, and I'm thinking this might be timely because remember, everybody was wearing masks at the time, right?

Cubby (14:58):


Barnes (14:59):

That was a weird one. Completely.

Leslie (15:00):

It was weird post-apocalyptic world. AppleTV had a big hit over the weekend, Tom Hanks torpedoing everyone in Greyhound. I haven't watched it yet, but-

Barnes (15:10):

What's that about?

Leslie (15:11):

It's a World War Ii drama loosely based on a true story.

Cubby (15:15):

And actually, I have Tom Hanks coming up in a 1995 reminiscing pop culture segment here, which is a little tease of what's to come.

Leslie (15:23):

Woo. Okay, this is so bizarre. Jessica Biel had a baby and no one knew about it. How did they keep that a secret?

Barnes (15:31):

You mean, she didn't know and all of a sudden it just arrived?

Leslie (15:32):

Yeah, that too.

Cubby (15:33):

Or they kept it a secret?

Barnes (15:34):

Well, what are you saying?

Leslie (15:36):

Well, I'm saying that the news is that she had a baby, but coincidentally, his movie Palmer, remember where he had the indiscretion and there was a photo of him with a lead actress holding hands under the table, that movie's coming to Netflix.

Barnes (15:48):

Oh, you talking about Timberlake?

Leslie (15:50):

Yeah, Justin Timberlake.

Barnes (15:52):

And so they had a baby, she stayed out of the public eye, and not one pap knew she was pregnant, that kind of surprise?

Leslie (15:58):

Yeah, and a lot of people-

Barnes (15:59):


Leslie (15:59):

Are saying, "Wait a second. She must have been pregnant when he had his little mishap."

Cubby (16:05):

Oh right.

Leslie (16:05):


Barnes (16:06):

But he never really ... Did he really say that he cheated? He was holding hands with a co-star, right?

Leslie (16:11):

He was holding hands. I think he had had too much to drink. He apologized. But apparently, Jessica Biel was pregnant at the time. But that movie, Palmer, is coming to AppleTV. Now, Hulu's got a huge hit. I haven't seen this yet. It's called Palm Springs, but I bet someone on this show knows about Palm Springs.

Cubby (16:29):

You saw it?

Barnes (16:30):

Saw it, and Hulu paid 17 and half million for that thing.

Leslie (16:34):


Barnes (16:35):

It's basically a Groundhog Day. I thought it was weak. I wouldn't waste your hour and a half. It's like a-

Leslie (16:40):

Well, what's it about? It's like Groundhog Day?

Barnes (16:42):

Yeah, it's at best a 30 minute thing, at best.

Cubby (16:46):

How do you watch everything? There's so much to watch. I've said it before-

Barnes (16:48):


Cubby (16:49):

I'll say it again, just so much-

Barnes (16:49):

I bought into the hype, Cubby. Everyone was talking about how great Palm Springs was. It wasn't even filmed in Palm Springs. It was filmed in, like, Santa Clarita or something.

Leslie (16:58):

Well, that's weak.

Barnes (16:58):

Well, that's all the time, but I just was like, okay, well, I've never been to Palm Springs and I watched the trailer and I thought, well, maybe. Samberg, I don't mind him.

Cubby (17:06):


Barnes (17:06):

J.K. Simmons is in it, Cami Mendes from Riverdale. Is that what she's ... I think, Riverdale?

Leslie (17:11):

See, you've saved us on Palm Springs.

Barnes (17:13):

Well, what's interesting about it is, Cami Mendes and J.K. Simmons when they shot this movie, they were not available on the same days.

Leslie (17:21):


Barnes (17:21):

Now you want to talk about ... And this was pre-coronavirus. Check this out. This is a clip from Kelly and Ryan, a very quick clip, talking about how they put this together and neither of them were there are the same time.

Cami Mendes (17:32):

The only unfortunate thing is, I actually didn't get to work with J.K. Simmons on a personal level because I had to go shoot a movie right after Palm Springs, so I ended up ... They used a body double for whenever we were in the same scene, and the same thing with me and him when I was gone, so-

Kelly Ripa (17:50):

Oh, you're [inaudible 00:17:51]. Wait, so you two did not work together.

Cami Mendes (17:53):

No, but-

Kelly Ripa (17:53):

That's a big bummer.

Barnes (17:57):

Hollywood is one big lie.

Cubby (17:59):

Yeah, it really is. Smoke and mirrors.

Leslie (18:01):


Barnes (18:03):

They're not even in the same scenes.

Cubby (18:05):

Well, they do it with music all the time.

Barnes (18:07):


Cubby (18:07):

There's been-

Barnes (18:07):

Oh, totally.

Cubby (18:08):

A lot of hit songs, different studios, different parts of the world.

Barnes (18:11):

I give it a two out of five.

Cubby (18:13):


Barnes (18:13):

Two lounge chairs.

Leslie (18:14):

There were a ton of fans very upset over the fact that Tom Bergeron and Eric Andrews were fired as host for Dancing with the Stars. Bergeron was on that show for 15 years.

Cubby (18:27):

Yeah, a long run.

Barnes (18:28):

The show decided, and Cubby, tell me what you think about this, the show is saying they wanted to go into a more creative and different direction. I'm sorry, but that show's been number one for 10 years. So what direction would that be-

Cubby (18:40):


Barnes (18:40):

Other than you're dominating the ratings.

Cubby (18:44):

Are they referring to a different direction meaning how they're going to have to retool everything because of the virus? I don't know.

Leslie (18:49):

They hired Tyra Banks, which is fine, but people love Tom Bergeron and they're very upset.

Barnes (18:56):

Yeah, you're messing with the perfect system where they've crushed it. And when I'm joking about going in a different direction, the only way to go is down.

Cubby (19:04):


Barnes (19:04):

And Tyra Banks came in, got executive producer also. So I don't know what-

Leslie (19:08):

Really, really, really interesting.

Barnes (19:09):

What's happening there.

Leslie (19:10):

A couple other stories. Hayden Panettiere is seeking a restraining order from her ex, Brian Hickerson. Check this out, he is charged with seven felonies and one misdemeanor, and she came out with a really telling thing on Instagram just saying basically after suffering for years as the victim of psychological, emotional, and severe physical abuse, she is now hoping this will help other people. I feel really sorry for her. I was around her a lot when we were filming the TV show Nashville. It was filmed here for a couple of years, and she really, really wasn't visible at the time. She stayed in her dressing room a lot and didn't interact with the rest of the cast, so I wonder if she was having a hard time back then. A Rod and JLo want to buy the Mets.

Cubby (19:55):

Yeah, that's been floating around here in New York. It goes away and it comes back, and right now it's on the front burner again.

Barnes (20:01):

Is that a good thing for New York?

Cubby (20:04):

Yeah, a lot of people don't like the current owners of the Mets, so I think there are some fans of the idea.

Leslie (20:10):

A bunch of other people have gotten together with them, and the bid's already out there for $1.7 billion, and they're saying that JLo and A Rod put up $300 million of their own money.

Cubby (20:19):


Barnes (20:20):

Does New York like JLo and A Rod?

Cubby (20:23):

They do, and I interviewed A Rod last year, and I didn't know what kind of guy he'd be. I thought he'd be a douchebag-

Barnes (20:29):

Really? He seems nice.

Cubby (20:30):

And he was the nicest guy in the entire world. I really do love A Rod and Jennifer and-

Leslie (20:37):

I love them together. I love them.

Cubby (20:40):

Jennifer's sister, Linda Lopez, is a good friend of mine, and she adopted a cat from us last year actually.

Leslie (20:45):

Oh, that's good.

Cubby (20:46):

So we'll have to get her on the show someday.

Barnes (20:46):

Well, we expect you to get JLo on, man. You can't drop that you're friends with JLo's sister and not show up with JLo.

Cubby (20:51):

I saw 20 minutes of JLo here at the Garden last year, and that's when the blackout happened.

Barnes (20:55):


Leslie (20:56):


Cubby (20:57):

The whole garden went dark, and-

Leslie (20:59):

I remember that.

Cubby (20:59):

Yeah, that was last July.

Barnes (21:00):

Go back and find A Rod's show on CNBC. It was only about five episodes. I feel like it was a test run. It was fantastic. It's where he went back to past failed athletes, and he gave them a second change. He kind of Shark Tanked them on location-ish, like Evander Holyfield was one of them. And they go and show you Evander Holyfield living in a two bedroom apartment. I mean, the guy's gone through $400, $500 million, some insane amount of money, and they help him get back on his feet. It was a fantastic show, and it's on demand. I forgot the name of it. Second Chance or something like that.

Cubby (21:33):

Google, baby. Google.

Leslie (21:34):

I like them together.

Cubby (21:35):


Leslie (21:36):

Remember Benifer? Anyway, I digress. The record of the week is The Chicks, Gaslighter, formerly The Dixie Chicks. I think it'll be number one this week, but how about this, their first album in 14 years. A lot of it deals with Natalie Maines' divorce, but some great songs on the record. The Chicks.

Barnes (21:55):

It's one of my favorite terms. Do you know the definition of gaslighting?

Leslie (21:58):

Yes, (singing). No.

Barnes (22:01):

Fram, you're in class, Fram. Do not sing in class. Gaslighting is to manipulate someone by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.

Cubby (22:10):


Leslie (22:10):

We're learning something this week on The Pop Culture Show.

Barnes (22:13):

Gaslighting's a great term. I'm surprised it took someone that long to get it on record.

Cubby (22:19):

And I have a question too. I'm sure the answer is yes, but did The Chicks ... I know no one buys albums much any more, but if you buy a CD, is the artwork already changed? I mean, because that name just changed, and I'm wondering, the new artwork. Is The Chicks everywhere? I mean, Dixie is gone, right?

Leslie (22:34):

Yeah, it's gone.

Cubby (22:35):

Completely gone, yes.

Leslie (22:36):

Yeah, this is definitely The Chicks.

Cubby (22:36):


Leslie (22:37):

They've been wanting to do it for years.

Barnes (22:38):

Here's a clip of it.

The Chicks (22:50):


Barnes (22:55):

And they did a video on 4:3, which means square.

Leslie (22:58):


Barnes (22:58):

Remember how the TV used to be 10 years ago when it was square and not a rectangle? Which I don't get the association in the old-school retro feel to Gaslighter. Am I missing something?

Leslie (23:09):

No, but I think if you listen to the whole record, they have a new video and song called March March, which is about everything that's happening today. So the record is a mixture of pain and loss from Natalie, but also of things that are happening today. Because as you know, they continue to fight all sorts of injustices.

Barnes (23:26):

Refresh my memory. What were they getting blown up for years ago?

Leslie (23:30):

Years ago, they made comments about the president-

Barnes (23:32):

But which?

Leslie (23:33):

George Bush, if you remember.

Barnes (23:34):

Okay, Bush.

Leslie (23:35):


Barnes (23:35):

I couldn't remember. I knew they took a beating from-

Leslie (23:37):

About the Iraq War and-

Barnes (23:38):

Some groups. Okay.

Leslie (23:39):

And everybody's saying they were right at the time.

Cubby (23:41):

What was the Earl song? I actually liked that one when it came out.

Leslie (23:44):

Oh, that song was fantastic. Look at the video too.

Cubby (23:46):

Was it called My Name is Earl?

Leslie (23:48):


Cubby (23:48):

Or just Earl? I forgot.

Leslie (23:49):

My Name is Earl.

Cubby (23:49):

Yeah, it's a good song.

Leslie (23:50):

I love that, Cubby. I love that recollection.

Barnes (23:51):

Like from a show?

Cubby (23:53):

It was a song they had. I remember it was the first time I ever heard of The Dixie Chicks, then at the time Dixie Chicks, and I was like, this is a pretty good song. I like it.

Leslie (24:00):

Last week we did ... Cubby, you were talking about some stories that came out after our last podcast, but sadly, Naya Rivera died of a drowning. And it's sad because they think that she was actually trying to save her son, that maybe the winds and the current were so heavy that she got him back on the boat, but then she drifted away which is tragic.

Cubby (24:21):

So sad.

Barnes (24:21):

I pictured she might have gotten hit in the head by the boat because of the bobbing of the boat. They said that the-

Leslie (24:28):

Could've been.

Barnes (24:29):

Water was moving very drastically, and I thought maybe when she was helping the young child up that maybe that front of that pontoon boat hit her in the head. Who knows what happened.

Cubby (24:37):

Right, and then we talked about the shallow water too, that last week we talked about how shallow the water is. Maybe she dove into a rock. I mean, we don't know, but it's just such a tragic thing.

Barnes (24:45):


Cubby (24:45):

And the kid being there, I mean, oh-

Barnes (24:46):

So sad. And they had, like, I want to say 15 to 25 feet trees in the water underwater in that whole area.

Cubby (24:55):


Leslie (24:56):

She could've hit her head. Who knows what happened, but it looks like she saved her son. Sadly, Lisa Marie Presley's 27 year-old son Benjamin Keough died by suicide, and-

Barnes (25:05):


Leslie (25:06):

She is just devastated of course. And his sister, Riley, posted really sad commentary on Instagram over the last few days.

Barnes (25:13):

And another 27 clubber-

Leslie (25:16):

I know.

Barnes (25:16):

And another one via shotgun to the mouth. Why?

Leslie (25:19):

There are so many people that I don't know if he had some sort of addiction, but this pandemic is really taking it's toll on a lot of people with mental health. It's really sad.

Barnes (25:31):

He had a $5 million record deal, which I was surprised to hear. I didn't know that.

Leslie (25:35):

I didn't know that either until I saw the story. And also, actress Kelly Preston, John Travolta's wife, lost her two year battle with breast cancer.

Barnes (25:45):

How'd they keep that under wraps? I was so surprised. I was shocked to hear that.

Leslie (25:49):

Loved her. Loved, loved, loved her.

Cubby (25:50):

I can't get over the bad news that she shares. Is it crazy or what?

Barnes (25:53):

This week.

Cubby (25:53):

It's like, every-

Barnes (25:53):

I know.

Cubby (25:55):

I mean, this week alone, right. But 2020, please end.

Barnes (25:58):

Yes, very, very bad.

Leslie (26:00):

Well, speaking of bad, the world lost an icon over the weekend, civil rights activist and congressman John Lewis. He was 80, died of pancreatic cancer. I'll tell you, there's a great documentary on Netflix right now called Good Trouble about his 60 plus years of activism.

Barnes (26:17):

Sad news.

Leslie (26:18):

That's kind of a wrap up for the week for celebrity sleaze. When was the last time you guys took Lyft or Uber, because-

Barnes (26:24):

Oh, long.

Leslie (26:24):

I saw this story that Lyft ... I know, I haven't taken an ... I used to take Uber everywhere.

Barnes (26:29):


Leslie (26:29):

I haven't taken anything since February, but Lyft announced it's going to provide these easy to install partitions for all of their drivers for safety reasons. I guess it was tested in Atlanta, and now it's in Baltimore, Denver, a lot of their other markets.

Barnes (26:44):

I heard that. It sounds like a good idea. They're making the drivers pay for it, but it's something inexpensive supposedly. It would make me choose, if I had to, Lyft over Uber.

Cubby (26:55):

Well, I chose Lyft over Uber, because I drove for Lyft for three months.

Leslie (26:59):

You did?

Barnes (27:00):

I drove for Uber.

Cubby (27:01):

Did you really?

Barnes (27:02):

I was trying to create a reality show around it, and I was researching and I did it for a couple of months.

Leslie (27:08):

Wait, and so Cubby, why were you driving for Lyft?

Cubby (27:11):

Because it was a combination of fun and heck, extra money can't hurt. And I do a morning show, and as you guys know from doing a morning show, you have afternoons free. And granted, a nap is key, but you have the afternoon free for the most part. And I said, "You know what, honey? I'm just going to turn on the old Lyft app and see who wants to be picked up."

Barnes (27:28):

It gets old real quick.

Cubby (27:30):

It gets old real quick. I don't know about Uber, but on Lyft, you don't know where they're going until you pick them up, which I didn't like.

Barnes (27:36):

Same with Uber.

Cubby (27:37):

Yeah, so the first couple of rides I did, it was people within 15 minutes of my house. I'm like, this is great. And then at 5:00 one day, I took this guy to Newark Airport, which is, like, a 45 minute ride. And I'm like, oh my God. So yeah, I only did, like, four or five rides.

Barnes (27:50):

Yeah, it gets old fast.

Cubby (27:52):

Really fast. But it is cool, when you get home and your app that you have will ping you and say, "George tipped $15." And you're like, yeah. I feel good.

Leslie (28:05):

It's crazy too, though. A lot of people were trying to make extra money as you said, but they were coming in from all these little towns outside of Nashville. And a lot of them didn't even know where they were going, and if they didn't have their GPS on, I sort of felt like I was telling people how to get to my destination. It got a little irritating.

Cubby (28:19):

Yeah, it is annoying.

Barnes (28:20):

I gave up on the reality show idea. But someone, our next guest, would probably have a field day with that, and if I had to sift through all their episodes, maybe I could find where they actually probably did do something with Uber or Lyft. But our next guest is funny as hell. I think this guy and his crew are great TV. One of Cubby's longtime friends, that's cool that you hooked him into this.

Cubby (28:42):

Yeah, I'm glad he-

Barnes (28:43):

Did you bribe him?

Cubby (28:44):

Said yes.

Barnes (28:45):

Yeah, let's bring him in. Please welcome Joe Gatto from Impractical Jokers. Hey Joe.

Joe Gatto (28:50):

Hey, thank you so much for having me, guys.

Barnes (28:52):

Really appreciate you coming on.

Joe Gatto (28:54):

Hey, you know what? When I get a text from Paul Cubby Bryant, and it says, "Hey, I need you," I don't-

Barnes (29:01):

You jump.

Joe Gatto (29:01):

Ask what. I just do what the man tells me. It's done my career well for-

Cubby (29:06):

That's the kind of guy Joe is. Joe is just a great guy, and I think I met you, Joe, during one of the many radio interviews we've done years ago. And then I learned that we lived in Lower Manhattan around the same time.

Joe Gatto (29:18):


Cubby (29:18):

And I actually ran into Joe when I was getting a pedicure with my wife, and-

Joe Gatto (29:22):

Yes, I walked in with my fiancee at the time, and you were with your wife getting pedicures, and I had never gotten a pedicure. And I walk in and you're there, and I was like, oh, okay. I guess it's a thing to do.

Barnes (29:33):

It is a thing. I actually love it. I'll go, which Cubby, let's do it. Next time we're together, we're going to go side bar chairs, six feet apart.

Leslie (29:39):

Oh stop this, please.

Cubby (29:42):

The best part of a pedicure, I don't care how the nails look, I'm a guy, is that calf massage near the end.

Joe Gatto (29:47):

That's the best.

Cubby (29:48):

That's the best.

Barnes (29:49):

You know the key though? The key is, do they ask you do you want shine at the end? Say no shine. You've got to say no buff. No buff.

Cubby (29:56):

Because it's longer, right?

Joe Gatto (29:57):

You don't want to be walking around town with buff. I got you.

Barnes (29:58):

No, dude, if you do the buff, people are going to look at you side eyed. That's when you have shiny toes.

Cubby (30:03):

That's true.

Barnes (30:04):

If you forget, they will buff you, and you will be stuck with it for a week.

Cubby (30:07):

Now Leslie, being the only lady here, are you a pedicure fan, or-

Leslie (30:11):

No, this is the funny thing about-

Cubby (30:12):


Leslie (30:12):

All of this. I don't do pedicures or manicures.

Cubby (30:15):

Come on.

Leslie (30:15):

I just do blowouts every week. Of course, not now that I'm in quarantine, but how embarrassing is that that I've got all these metrosexuals on the show and-

Barnes (30:23):

Hey, hey.

Leslie (30:24):

Which is fine.

Barnes (30:24):


Leslie (30:25):


Cubby (30:26):

One more thing I will say about Joe. Joe, you're also just a fan of radio, man. You know a lot of people in the business. You're the kind of guy that if you hear me on the air and I say something funny, which is rare, you'll text me. I mean, you're just a ... You have a lot of friends in the radio business.

Joe Gatto (30:42):

I do, yeah, yeah. I've always been a fan of radio back in the day from ... I just always loved the whole radio scene. I actually thought for a while that might be a way I would go, and then it just didn't happen for me.

Barnes (30:56):

Two of the things about you that stand out, and we're talking about him like he's dead. I feel like we're at his funeral. We're like, oh, so let's say more nice things about Joe. One, you are funny, and two, you are are positive. And sometimes those don't always go together.

Joe Gatto (31:11):


Barnes (31:11):

You get a lot of comedians who are really negative, and you're quite the opposite. I mean, you stand up for bullying and stuff like that, but you also are just a very upbeat, positive guy. And that's impressive. And I think part of some of the success from Impractical Jokers is that you can see that on the screen.

Joe Gatto (31:28):

Yeah, yeah. It's part of my personality for sure. I am-

Barnes (31:31):


Joe Gatto (31:31):

Yeah, so I appreciate that. Thank you. I try. I've been through a lot of stuff too, so I didn't realize the position that this show would put us in. It really is like comic medicine for a lot of people, and we get story after story about things that we've gotten people through and things like that, and helping people with mental health issues and all that. So you really just listen, and you can't help but be affected by that part of the job. I think it's the same thing with radio too. I think a lot of normalcy comes from radio. I remember after, being from New York, after 9/11. I remember when the shows went back on, and it was like, okay. It was like a sense of comfort that you just can't get and you can't explain, from strangers, because I don't really know people personally. And you're just able to help them in a way, so you can't help but bear that responsibility and take it to heart.

Leslie (32:21):

I have to ask you, when the camera's not rolling, just in regular life, are you doing joke stuff and practical jokes on just friends and family-

Joe Gatto (32:29):


Leslie (32:29):

I mean, you have to, right?

Joe Gatto (32:31):

I'm a maniac. I'm just a maniac, yeah.

Leslie (32:31):

It's always on, right?

Joe Gatto (32:33):

This is just, a lot of the show is actually just happened to be in my personality. I always said the reason why the show I think is successful because people relate to us being friends. It's more of a show about friendship, and this is just a way I've always made my friends laugh. For a long time, Sal would never take an elevator with me because he knew once those doors close, I'm doing something stupid, and he's trapped for X amount of floors with me, and the embarrassment of that. So we've always done ... It's just how I really genuinely like to make my friends laugh. I put myself out there. I don't necessarily care what people think. I'm not mean with my comedy. I always make myself the butt of the joke for the most part, so I think that was just the way I do it.

Cubby (33:10):

So the show began in 2011, right?

Joe Gatto (33:11):

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Cubby (33:12):

I mean, did you ever think a show nine years ago would still be on the air now, would lead into a movie, which by the way, came out in the nick of time before the pandemic hit. It came out in February, Impractical Jokers, and you made a lot of money, by the way. I was checking the numbers. You did very well.

Joe Gatto (33:26):

We did all right. We did all right.

Cubby (33:27):

But can you believe you're still doing jokes and pranks on TV, on a TV show, and now nine years running. I mean, it's incredible

Joe Gatto (33:34):


Barnes (33:34):

But Cubby, look back the first numbers were, like, in the millions, like 30 plus million people-

Leslie (33:40):

Right off the bat.

Barnes (33:40):

Watching that on truTV. I mean, that's not a diss to truTV. That's a credit to you.

Joe Gatto (33:46):

Yeah. Well, I mean, and credit to them, they actually, they switched the whole network. When we started, we were the outlier. We were literally between two tow truck shows-

Barnes (33:54):

Was it Court TV? Was it-

Joe Gatto (33:58):

Two of the three. It's part of Court TV, but it was two of their three. They had three tow trucks shows and us. So it was like, yeah, it was Lizard Lick Towing was the name of the show that we followed, and after that it was South Beach Tow. So it was like, people were like, what is going on with ... Who are these people? So we were really the outlier, and people just gravitated towards it. And to their credit, a couple years in, they were like, you know what? Let's try to build a comedy network. And now if you look at it, it's a big home for comedy. A lot of comedians go there with content, so ...

Barnes (34:27):

Were you surprised that it stuck and that it did so well?

Joe Gatto (34:29):

Oh my God, yeah. I was surprised to get episode two. Forget season nine.

Barnes (34:33):


Joe Gatto (34:34):


Cubby (34:34):

So how is the upcoming season going to be affected with what's going on? I mean, you're out and about, you're in grocery stores. You're out places. We're all still quarantined. How does that affect it?

Joe Gatto (34:42):

Yeah, we actually had to shut down production. Production started of season nine. We got a couple of things under our belt, and now with New York opening slowly, we're just going to have to produce a little bit differently. I don't think there will be much of us out and about in grocery stores or that kind of stuff any time soon, but a big portion of our show is either us just busting each other's chops privately, like times when they gift wrapped my house. For one punishment, I came home, and for my birthday they had gift wrapped my whole entire first floor of my home, including the plates and dishes in the cupboards. And then there's stuff that we do like that. And then also, we do a lot of focus group stuff or one-on-one stuff. So all that stuff could really genuinely live on. So there's a lot of content we could do. We just can't get ... We can't really approach people and get close in an on lockdown location.

Barnes (35:31):

No, people love that, Joe. They love the COVID jokes. They love the get in my space, yell at me for my mask jokes, yeah. It'd be a tough time. Everyone's so on edge that it would be-

Joe Gatto (35:43):

I think it'll definitely be a challenge, but I'm optimistic. I'm positive that we will figure something out.

Leslie (35:50):

What were you like in high school? Were you the guy that made your friends laugh? Were you that guy?

Joe Gatto (35:55):

Not until junior year. I was a really, really nerdy introvert for a long time, didn't have many friends. Here's a snapshot of me. I was on the math team, the bowling team. Yeah, that's right. And I was trying to draw, and I can't draw. I was trying to draw my own video games and doing creative writing, like writing short stories. So that was me. And then junior year, we started ... They had an improv troupe at school, like a comedy improv troupe. And I had always sat at lunch with Sal, Murr, Q, a couple other friends, and they all did it. And they were like, "Joe, you're really ..." I was just really weird, and they're like, "You're really funny and you're quick on your feet. Come try it, come try it."

Joe Gatto (36:32):

So I didn't want to go, didn't want to go. My parents were like, "Go. Go meet people. Go. Go do things." So I was like, all right. So I went, and I had such a good time at that improv thing. I remember the first scene I did was a lot of fun, and I got a lot of big laughs, and I was like, oh, this is something I might be interested in. And making people laugh actually became my kind of defense mechanism to do ... I started reverse bullying the big football players in my school. I was, like, 105 pounds, all lanky, and there was these big guys walking around. I used to knock their books out of their hands. I'd be like, "Carry my books." I used to make one of the line backers give me piggyback rides to class.

Joe Gatto (37:06):

And they always ate it up, and it kind of got rid of the whole bullying thing in my class. My class was all very tight. I went to an all boy Catholic high school in Staten Island, so that really helped the dynamic I think. So in high school, I was very different, but I did find my confidence towards the end.

Barnes (37:21):

Let's hear one that went really badly. What is a prank that really went south fast, and you couldn't stop it. It was already in motion. And maybe it didn't even air maybe. What was one?

Joe Gatto (37:36):

Well, there was one bit that we did. Honestly, our hit rate is, we've been pretty fortunate to be able to turn something into nothing pretty much the whole time. We've done over 200 episodes, but if you look at the bit numbers, like the numbers of challenges and punishments we've done, it's over 530 times we've been out there making something, doing something. So there's only really two that jump to mind. One of them actually started really early on in season one. I think it was the end of season one. We were like, okay, why don't we go to ... You know in New York City they have all these mommy parks and mommy and me parks. And we're like, oh, it'd be kind of funny if we just start talking baby talk to adults. So we were like, we could start being like ... We'd start talking and be like, "Oh, look what a cute baby. Excuse me, do you know where the R train is?" Just talk to the adults and ... So we're like, all right, we'll go to a kid park so we could justify why we're talking like a baby.

Joe Gatto (38:24):

And then really quickly, all these moms realized that there was four 30-something year old men without children talking weird in a park, and the cops got called right quick. So the cops showed up, and we're like ... It's like, "What are you doing?" And we're like, "Oh, we're just baby talking to ..." And they're like, "Get out." So we're like, "We have a ..." They're like, "We don't care. Get out. Just get out." So we were like, okay. We realized the mistake in that one. So that was a big one for us.

Cubby (38:49):

Tell me how you never get recognized, because I know I've asked you this before, but if people haven't heard it, you would think by now people would know you right off the bat, but you have a great answer. You're like, hey, even though our show is very popular, not everybody has seen it believe it or not.

Joe Gatto (39:01):

Not everybody has seen it, yeah, yeah, so that's ... I mean, New York City's an outlier that way with eight million people. Half of the ... Manhattan has there, so that's four million people to choose from. So it's like, there's still the foot traffic and the amount of people. We can't really go too remote. Sometimes we'll get caught in a rock and a hard place, and people try to fool us, but we catch them. Like 99% of the time, we can tell when somebody's pretending. They turn into a non-human. They turn into a robot. We seem them on camera before they even come up to us. Because if Sal is working the hamburger desk at a hamburger joint, if he's working behind the counter, we'll see the people walk in and all of a sudden, they're like, oh ... They get a look on their face, like, oh. And then they'll walk up to Sal and they'll be like, "One hamburger, please." They don't even talk like a human any more.

Joe Gatto (39:46):

But I think it's just, we've done some tricks to fight it too. And also, we kind of look like somebody, all of us. If you put us together, if you see all four of us, forget it.

Cubby (39:55):

Can you filter by somebody's looks, like she's 85 years old. She watches The Hallmark Channel. I know we can get her. Can you do that?

Joe Gatto (40:03):

Not any more, because our show has become such a co-viewing show, Cubby. Every family's watching it together. When we do our live tours and we see and meet people after ... Like there was this one time we met four generations that watch our show. There was a grandmother, her daughter, her granddaughter, and the great-granddaughter. They all watch the show, all had a different favorite. It became this family show really quickly. And that was weird for us, because we're on truTV at 10:30 at night between two tow truck shows, like I said. So our first season was super edgy, and then all of a sudden the numbers came back and they're like, "Families are watching your show." And it's always harder for me, and I like the challenge as a comedian, to not go for the low-hanging fruit and be dirty or push the edge in that way.

Joe Gatto (40:43):

So we responded to it very well and was like, let's try to be funny in a way that we can be proud of. And now I have kids that are going to end up watching the show, so I'm kind of glad that happened. My legacy isn't going to be all fart jokes.

Leslie (40:59):

I imagine people are finding you on YouTube as well, because there's just hours of YouTube stuff for Impractical Jokers. You can go down a deep dark hole on YouTube.

Joe Gatto (41:07):

Yeah. Yeah, there's a lot of fan stuff, too, like a lot of fan-created content. But then we also air ... A big hit for us is when we stared airing in London. We started airing overseas on Comedy Central in the UK, and we've got a big fan base over there and we were actually fortunate enough to go tour over there as well. So we did a live tour there a couple of times, which was fun. We actually even did a London episode, which was great.

Leslie (41:27):

I remember seeing one of the Impractical Joker episodes where you were going to kiss some lady in a mall, and your fiancee at the time, who I'm assuming is your wife now, was there-

Joe Gatto (41:35):

Yeah, yeah.

Leslie (41:36):

And remind me of the premise of that? There was a lady sitting-

Joe Gatto (41:41):

We had to kiss ... We basically were at the food court of a mall in New Jersey, and we planted one actor, but the guy who was going out didn't know who the actor was. And you had to go around, and you couldn't ask if they were an actor, and just basically go in for a kiss and see. The actor was told to kiss you if you go in for the kiss, so you're out and about going around. So then when it was my turn, there was just this one beautiful lady in purple sitting down, and there's nobody else in the food court. And I'm like, okay, so it's her. I was like, "What's up?" And then my wife walked by, and in my ear, because we wear the earpiece, I hear my wife go, "Oh, be careful out there." And I was like, "Oh," and they made Bessie come out and sit right next to her.

Leslie (42:20):


Barnes (42:20):

Oh my gosh.

Joe Gatto (42:23):

I had to make the decision to kiss this actress.

Barnes (42:23):

That was so funny.

Joe Gatto (42:24):


Barnes (42:25):

Are there bits like that when you guys are at the table drawing stuff up where you have to go home to your wife and say, "Listen, honey, I just, we have this great bit, but let me tell you about it before you"-

Cubby (42:33):

It's only a bit.

Barnes (42:35):

Sit on the grenade, right?

Joe Gatto (42:36):


Barnes (42:36):

You've got to sit on the grenade before it airs. Have you had those?

Joe Gatto (42:38):

Yeah, I think for the most part, she's down. She gets it. At this point, it's almost a decade. They actually just, in season eight, they used my daughter against me in a great way, which was a lot of fun for a punishment, which I didn't really see coming, where she was in cahoots with them on that where they did a parenting group where you go in and they call in parents and they fill out a questionnaire and it was pre-written, and I had to answer the questions they wrote for me, but they brought in my real daughter. So they made me look like this fool father in front of my daughter, and then they're like-

Barnes (43:09):

Your life is stressful.

Joe Gatto (43:11):

Yeah, it's terrible. It's a terrible way to live.

Barnes (43:12):

I mean, everywhere you go you wonder is this a bit?

Joe Gatto (43:15):

Yeah, yeah. We've gotten people in their real life really, really well. It's hard though. It takes a lot of time. One of the biggest things we've ever done is over a year and a half we made Sal think he was getting ... He thought he had to give a deposition to the federal government.

Cubby (43:30):

A whole year of stress, right?

Joe Gatto (43:31):

A year and a half, yeah.

Leslie (43:32):


Joe Gatto (43:32):

And it's just, you just have to look for opportunities. We did a bit in downtown Manhattan where you had to ... Sal climbed up on a statue and grabbed its nose and did this stupid joke where, "I got your nose." And it was outside a museum. And we got a letter to the office while we were in the office writing, and the showrunner came in and he was like, "Hey," he was like, "We got a letter from the government that we trespassed and we have to go to court for it." And Sal was there. And then later that day, he came in and he was like, "Oh," he was like, "Don't worry about it." He's like, "They figured out what the purpose ..." I was like, "Okay, well, don't tell Sal that. Let's make him think that he has to go for a deposition."

Joe Gatto (44:03):

So then we just laid a bunch of groundwork for about three months, and then we put together a deposition and filmed it without Sal knowing, and then six months later, we revealed on set, we made the federal government crash the set and basically hand Sal papers that he had to go to a jail and pay $100,000 and serve 30 days in jail.

Barnes (44:25):

You guys are good.

Cubby (44:27):

That's so good.

Barnes (44:28):

So good.

Cubby (44:28):

Do you ever fear of running out of content, jokes, pranks? Do you ever-

Joe Gatto (44:35):

I don't think so, and I'll tell you why. It's because we don't do your normal kind of prank show. I think that we would've totally ran the gamut already, right? Because the show is not your typical prank show. It's more of friends busting each other's chops and making each other laugh, and you never think about that, how long you were friends. You never run out of content, right? If you approach it form that angle, I think it's that way. We don't do ... Everything we do is kind of based in reality to some extent. We really push each other's buttons in a personal way.

Barnes (44:59):

Yeah, but at some point, your friends have got to have a meeting with themselves and say, is it time to move on from Joe?

Cubby (45:04):


Barnes (45:05):

Yeah. Is it time maybe to just cut this?

Joe Gatto (45:09):

I add value in other ways to offset that I think. I think I try to add value. I'm good with Christmas gifts, birthdays.

Leslie (45:20):

What are you doing in your off time right now? What are you doing for entertainment?

Joe Gatto (45:25):

I'm doing a lot of social network stuff, which is good. I'm doing a lot of Instagram lives and my household has become a TikTok household.

Leslie (45:36):

Oh yeah.

Joe Gatto (45:36):

Yeah, I do that. Basically, I write a lot. I got back into writing, which is good. I do a lot of charity work right now because we have the time. And I've also been able to jump on a lot of podcasts with friends and stuff, which I hadn't necessarily been able to do, which is a lot of fun.

Barnes (45:49):

Talk about your charity. Which can we highlight here? We should highlight something you're working on.

Joe Gatto (45:54):

I always love Daniel's Music Foundation out of New York. They're a great organization that offer ... They offer instruction to the physically and the mentally disabled in New York and they give classes. And it's a really nice community that I got pulled into a couple of years ago. They're called DMF, Daniel's Music Foundation. Beautiful story about the family and how they got involved and what they do in New York, so ... and they're music too, so it's kind of-

Barnes (46:21):


Joe Gatto (46:22):

Nice to highlight them.

Barnes (46:23):

Well, I can't wait for your shows to come back. When will we see Impractical Jokers and Misery Index, both of those coming back?

Joe Gatto (46:30):

Misery Index will be back at the end of the year. We just had our mid-season finale, so we'll be coming back at the end of the year, and then hopefully more next year, as well with Dinner Party as well. I think Dinner Party's going to be coming back, which is a really fun format for us too. It's basically our version of a podcast where we just have dinner together and tell stories and-

Cubby (46:46):

Well, actually Joe, I have a confession to make. This is a joke on you. I don't have a podcast. I don't know who these people are.

Leslie (46:52):

I've never seen him.

Cubby (46:53):

We're not even recording right now.

Barnes (46:55):

Yeah, we have to go, see-

Joe Gatto (46:56):

Check on the bomb to make sure it said recording.

Barnes (46:58):

That would've been classic, Cubby, if you would have teed something up to get him.

Cubby (47:06):

I know.

Barnes (47:06):

That would've been good. Well Joe, it was such a pleasure meeting you, and we'd love to have you back again some day. You're a funny dude. Thank you.

Joe Gatto (47:14):

Thanks, any time. I appreciate you guys saying thanks.

Leslie (47:15):

Thank you so much.

Joe Gatto (47:15):

Thanks, nice to meet you.

Cubby (47:15):

Thank you, Joe. I appreciate you, man.

Joe Gatto (47:15):

You got it. Thank you.

Leslie (47:16):

That was awesome.

Barnes (47:18):

A couple of audio dumps. Did you guys hear the new Kygo remix? Tina Turner is excited. She's 80 now, and her mailbox money is going to pick up. Kygo did a remix, he did this to one of Whitney Houston's songs last year. I want to play a bit of it for you. He put his spin on What's Love Got to Do With It. It's attached to a video.

Tina Turner (47:40):


Barnes (47:40):

Here's where you can hear the Kygo.

Tina Turner (47:41):


Barnes (47:46):

Too bad nightclubs aren't open now.

Tina Turner (47:47):


Cubby (47:48):

Yeah, right?

Tina Turner (47:59):


Cubby (48:00):

Although everybody on Facebook is a DJ now. Every time I go on Facebook at night, someone's spinning.

Barnes (48:06):


Cubby (48:06):

I noticed that.

Barnes (48:07):

And three viewers.

Cubby (48:10):

Three viewers, right.

Barnes (48:10):

It'll be like the little three number in the bottom and they're having a dance party with the lights and everything.

Leslie (48:13):

But that song lives on. How about that? Timeless.

Barnes (48:16):

Her vocals are ... That was the original vocals.

Leslie (48:18):

Yeah. So good.

Barnes (48:19):

It's pretty incredible. With all the protesting going on everywhere from Portland to Atlanta to wherever, New York, everyone's going crazy, everyone's very just over amped.

Leslie (48:31):


Barnes (48:31):

And I finally found someone, I wanted to call attention to a big problem in Minnesota, because there's problem there with nude sunbathing.

Leslie (48:40):

In Minnesota?

Cubby (48:40):

In Minnesota?

Barnes (48:41):

Yeah. They're saying that women cannot go without tops, and I thought, you know what? I'm going to give this person 15 seconds on our show because they're complaining in a very, very calm manner. They have a very effective argument, and I think they sound like a very nice person. So let's listen to her case.

Speaker 16 (49:00):

It's ridiculous when I turn around and there's a gentleman who has boobs that are as big as or bigger than mine, and he can keep his shirt off, and we're doing the exact same thing, sitting in the sun.

Leslie (49:14):

She has a point.

Cubby (49:14):

She does have a great point.

Leslie (49:14):


Barnes (49:19):

I just wanted to point out that all protesting doesn't have to be excitable. You can just bring a good case. And look how brief that case was, but effective.

Leslie (49:28):

She got right to the point.

Cubby (49:30):

I am a C cup by the way, for the record. She has me thinking.

Leslie (49:32):

See? See?

Cubby (49:33):


Barnes (49:35):

Oh man. All right, celebrity confidential this week. This is a weekly series where we're going to go behind the curtain and tell some stories, and I think someone named Cubby's going to start us off. These are stories that have just happened in our careers being in this business or these businesses that weren't brought together because of the business. They just happened kind of on a side spin.

Cubby (49:56):

I want to talk about Howard Stern. We love and respect him, right?

Barnes (50:01):


Cubby (50:02):

Talent. I'm sure you've met him, but if you have or haven't, don't tell me yet because I'll tell you what happened to me. So he talked about me on the radio back in the early 2000s a few times. See, when I worked at Z100, the top 40 station, we would do club gigs, and we would also do bar and bat mitzvahs. So I did a bat mitzvah that Howard Stern's daughter was at, and he ripped on me the next day.

Howard Stern (50:26):

Well, listen to this. So my kids went to a bat mitzvah on Saturday. They're telling me, like it was one of those over the top bat mitzvahs with great prizes-

Speaker 18 (50:38):


Howard Stern (50:39):

Fireworks, like a carnival. It must have cost, like, $400,000.

Speaker 18 (50:41):


Howard Stern (50:44):

So they say to me, Paul Cubby Bryant from Z100, the disc jockey, shows up at the ... You pay him-

Speaker 18 (50:51):

At the bat mitzvah? He's a guest?

Howard Stern (50:53):

No, he's part of the entertainment.

Speaker 18 (50:56):

What does he do?

Howard Stern (50:57):

Paul Cubby Bryant?

Speaker 18 (51:00):


Howard Stern (51:00):

That's what I said. I said, "Kids, tell me what he does. I've got to talk about this on the radio." And Ashley says to me, "Well, you're mean to everyone." I go, "Yeah, that's what pays for your lunch."

Speaker 18 (51:07):

Yeah, you want to keep being invited to those bat mitzvahs?

Howard Stern (51:10):

Yeah. That's why people like you.

Cubby (51:14):

Okay, it's almost over. Wait.

Howard Stern (51:15):

I think he leads the horah. That's just what ... So they couldn't even tell me what he did. He just gets up on stage and goes, "Hi, I'm Paul Cubby Brant from Z100," and then he hands out bumper stickers.

Speaker 18 (51:24):

Oh. So it's like a personal appearance from the radio station.

Howard Stern (51:28):

I'd love to know what they paid for that. I'm trying to find out.

Cubby (51:31):

Anyway, he goes on and on and on and talks about what an embarrassing gig, I can't believe he would spend his weekends doing that, and blah, blah, blah, blah.

Leslie (51:39):


Cubby (51:40):

But in a weird way, even though he was ripping into me, it could've been worse.

Barnes (51:44):

It was validating. He spent time talking about you.

Cubby (51:48):

He did. He did. So anyway, about four months after he talked about me, I was at the Clive David pre-Grammy dinner. I'm sure you guys have been to that dinner before.

Leslie (51:58):

Yes, I have.

Barnes (51:58):


Cubby (51:59):

The pre-Grammy party? And he was eating, and I waited for him to finish because you never both anybody when they're eating, and I had to say something to him. And I walked up to him and I just said, "Howard, I just want to say hi and I'm glad your daughter loves Z100. My name is Cubby." He could not have been nicer. He gets up, he puts his napkin aside, he goes, "Mmm, mmm," and he finishes chewing and he goes, "Mmm, mmm, mmm." He goes, "Cubby, oh my gosh. She loves you guys. Oh my God." He goes, "You don't mind me ripping into you do you?" I go, "No dude. I felt like kind of like a compliment." He goes, "Good, good, good, good, good." And he goes, "This is Beth," and he introduced me to Beth. And that was my run in with Howard Stern, the nicest dude that I could possibly think of.

Barnes (52:40):

What a great story.

Cubby (52:42):


Leslie (52:42):

That's a great story. And it's kind of a compliment. He talked about you on his show over and over again.

Cubby (52:48):

He said my name over and over again, which was great. My phone blew up, and then I got a friend that got me a copy of that audio. So it was really cool. So the moral of the story is, Howard Stern is a great, great dude.

Barnes (53:00):

There you go. First opening week of-

Leslie (53:01):

Love it.

Barnes (53:01):

Celebrity confidential. I like that.

Leslie (53:03):

Love it.

Barnes (53:03):

What a great story. We'll roll that right into Barnes' bitches. Welcome to another episode of ... This week, we're going to talk about text messages, people.

Leslie (53:13):

Oh boy. Oh boy.

Barnes (53:14):

And what I want to say about text messages, are you one of those people that does three words at a time, and then hits send? Or are you one of those people, I'm asking you two, that you will just type your thoughts out and then send them? And maybe in an addendum on the end, but not 517 three word texts.

Cubby (53:37):

Leslie, you go first.

Leslie (53:38):

I think I do both, right Barnes? Uh oh. He's checking.

Barnes (53:40):

You're very minimal.

Leslie (53:41):

I'm minimal.

Barnes (53:43):

I should check. You're a minimal texter.

Leslie (53:45):

I'm like, great, thanks.

Barnes (53:46):

Both of you, I don't have problems with you. Some relatives, though, I do.

Cubby (53:50):

I lean to get it all in one paragraph. I lean towards getting it all in one paragraph and being done with it. I don't like the people that just sent a sentence and then you see the typing still going on? I'm like, ugh. It bugs me.

Leslie (54:02):

Yeah, don't do business on text massages.

Cubby (54:04):


Leslie (54:05):

Don't send me, like, five paragraphs. Call me.

Barnes (54:08):

You're very brief, Leslie. I look back at yours-

Leslie (54:09):

I know.

Barnes (54:09):

You're very brief and quick, because you're busy. And Cubby and I are pretty much two or three word people. I've actually put some of our texts on Instagram.

Leslie (54:17):

I've seen them.

Cubby (54:18):


Barnes (54:18):

But some people, like you said, I want to focus on what you're saying, and I want to pay the proper attention to it. If you're dotting me immediately, you've hit me with a three worder, or ... I'll do it if I have a cliffhanger, like Cubby, you won't believe ... And then I'll come with the payoff. But I have a relative who will send 700 texts that are all three words, and it's like the world's longest run on sentence. And you can't even get in.

Cubby (54:45):

It's so annoying. You know how I know when a conversation is over with you, though? You always do the pound emoji, the fist pound.

Barnes (54:51):


Leslie (54:51):


Cubby (54:52):

I'm like, all right, apparently, Barnes is done.

Leslie (54:54):

I have one. I have reverted to being a 12 year-old. I'm doing a lot of Bitmojis continually.

Cubby (55:00):


Barnes (55:01):

So all I'm saying is, you know what? Just think through it, make a nice big fat paragraph. It's okay when you send it that it sends and you have to scroll. If you send me a three scroller, four score and seven years ago. Baby, I'll read that thing, and I'll focus. But if you hit me with another bink, bink, bink, and I'm trying to read your first sentence, I just can't, attention.

Cubby (55:19):

That's when I put the phone down and just wait, like, 10 minutes. Like maybe in 10 minutes, they'll be done and walk away.

Barnes (55:24):

Another public service announcement from Barnes bitches.

Speaker 1 (55:31):

This is Cubby's pop culture throwback, a rewind into the vault of music, movies, and moments.

Cubby (55:38):

Now Barnes, I believe last week, I did '89 and I said to you, "Hey, how about picking a year for me?" And you said, "Let's do mid-90s." So this week, we're going back to the week of July 20th, 1995 where we're going to reminisce about some songs, some TV shows, and some movies. Did you know the number one song on the pop charts ... Gosh, what was 1995? Was that 25 years ago? Wow. 25 years ago this week, this song was in the middle of an eight week number one run. Any guesses before I play it?

Barnes (56:11):

Eight weeks at number one in '95.

Cubby (56:13):

It ruled the summer of '95.

Leslie (56:15):

Was it a pop-

Barnes (56:17):

A group?

Cubby (56:18):

A pop R&B group-

Leslie (56:20):

Oh, pop R&B.

Cubby (56:21):

That one member has passed away.

Barnes (56:23):

No guess.

Leslie (56:23):

Oh, TLC.

Cubby (56:24):


TLC (56:27):


Barnes (56:29):

Good pull, Fram.

Leslie (56:30):

Yeah, I love that song.

Cubby (56:31):

Yeah, way to go Fram.

Leslie (56:32):

I love that song.

Cubby (56:33):

Could not get away with this song. I'm sorry, you could not get away from this song. It's funny, I'm on a radio station now, 106.7 Lite FM, and we play ... That song, we play still. It's a classic. Going back to the number one song this week on the modern rock charts, any guesses?

Barnes (56:49):

Hmm, '95.

Cubby (56:51):

We talked about it before we started recording, by the way, so you should get this.

Leslie (56:52):

We did talk about it?

Barnes (56:52):

We did?

Cubby (56:54):

We did. We did.

Barnes (56:55):

Oh, Jesus Jones?

Cubby (56:58):

You say Jesus Jones every week, by the way.

Barnes (57:00):

One week I'm going to be right.

Leslie (57:02):

Alanis Morissette?

Barnes (57:03):


Cubby (57:03):

There you go, Fram.

Alanis Morissette (57:14):


Cubby (57:14):

Now, I will admit, the first time I heard this song, I said to the record company, "Yeah, it's okay, but she is really screaming." I mean-

Barnes (57:22):

I love her. She's so great.

Leslie (57:24):

Oh by the way, Barnes, do you remember that she ... No one knew who she was, and she played in our conference room-

Barnes (57:29):


Leslie (57:29):

And then six months later, it was the biggest album of the century.

Cubby (57:33):

All right, this week on the R&B charts was Notorious B.I.G., a song called One More Chance.

Notorious B.I.G. (57:39):


Cubby (57:45):

Now, about seven years after this song came out, Ashanti would sample this for a song called Foolish.

Notorious B.I.G. (57:50):


Cubby (57:50):

All right, now we go to Leslie's wheelhouse, the country charts. The number one song on the country charts was by a female artist, and this was before she crossed over to pop. But she was ruling country before she crossed over to pop. Think Canada, Leslie.

Barnes (58:11):

Lee Anne Rimes.

Cubby (58:13):

No. But a good guess, Barnes.

Leslie (58:14):

Shania Twain.

Barnes (58:14):


Cubby (58:15):

Boom, Shania, with a song called Any Man of Mine.

Shania Twain (58:20):


Cubby (58:23):

Again, this song never crossed over to the pop charts, but this was right before, right on the brink of her crossover to pop. Let's see, at the box office this week back in 1995, the number one movie, you guys try to guess, okay? I think it's pretty easy when you hear the people in it. Tom Hanks-

Barnes (58:38):

Top Gun.

Cubby (58:40):

Jesus Jones. Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton, Ed Harris, and many more. That was just a few of them. Can you name the movie?

Barnes (58:48):

Something with space.

Cubby (58:49):

Something with space, he says.

Speaker 23 (58:52):

This is Houston. Say again please?

Speaker 24 (58:54):

Houston, we have a problem.

Cubby (58:58):

Apollo 13, everybody.

Barnes (58:59):


Speaker 24 (58:59):

Thunderbolt, we've got a lot of thruster activity here, Houston.

Speaker 25 (59:03):

What's the story with the computer now?

Speaker 24 (59:03):

It just went offline.

Cubby (59:04):

It's safe to say, I think I like every Tom Hanks movie ever. I really like Tom Hanks. I'm a big fan.

Leslie (59:08):

Big fan.

Cubby (59:09):

And we'll leave you with this. The number one show on TV, I mean, this is pretty easy too I think. Think mid-90s, think on all the time, and I want you to think classic lines, like this.

Jerry Seinfeld (59:21):

We did that whole thing for the old man. I mean, we knew you were eavesdropping. That's why my friend said all that. It was on purpose. We're not gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Cubby (59:29):

Seinfeld, of course.

Barnes (59:30):

Dude, I was a late bloomer on Seinfeld. I didn't even get into it until it was almost over, which was good because then I had a whole catalog to watch after.

Leslie (59:39):

That's true.

Cubby (59:39):

Me too. I was late on Seinfeld too, but now I love it. And that is this week in 1995, kids.

Leslie (59:45):

Good memories.

Barnes (59:46):

Great to see you guys. We'll see you next week. Bill Goldberg is our guest. If you have a question, 404-939-3733. Leave it on there this week. Don't forget to please rate, review, and subscribe.

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