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Great way to stay up to date!

Fantastic mix of the old nostalgia and the new content. The chemistry between Barnes and Leslie hasn’t missed a beat. The short format makes it easy to play catch-up during the day and the podcast format means you don’t have to listen to Atlanta traffic and ads if you don’t live there anymore.

Barnes and Leslie!

So cool to hear these familiar voices from back in the day back on my fav radio station from back in the day. ❤️❤️Best of all it’s on a podcast waiting for me to listen anytime!!

Welcome back!

I’ve thought about this show always and I miss when I’m subjected to subpar morning drives. Finally a podcast! and a forever way to listen to and pick up with a show that is well done! Keep up the good work. Honest, always funny, current and relevant, all that’s missing is discovering new rock which really hasn’t been getting done for a while now. But glad this show is back! More frequent Jimmy! UPDATE: Axel! Yes!

Love these three!

Great show for a relaxing easy listen.

Here for the nostalgia

I moved to Atlanta in the early 90s just as 99X first hit the airwaves. So listening to Barnes Leslie and Jimmy on the radio (remember radios?) every morning on my commute was an every-weekday thing. I pretty much listen to this podcast for nostalgic reasons (I really wish Jimmy had stuck around) but I enjoy the discussions of streaming TV shows and “celebrity sleaze”. I consider this one of my “comfort” podcasts so I pretty much listen to every episode.

Awesome show!

Wish they were on seven days a week!

My go to resource for celebrity sleaze and Tesla talk

Do you like hearing about what the idiots in the reality TV world are doing so you can participate in virtual water cooler chat over Zoom? Do you like learning what oddball feature has been added to the latest firmware for Tesla cars? What about new releases on the streaming services? Music news? Callbacks to late-90s morning show zoo crew antics? If you answered yes to any of these then The Pop Culture Show is for you. Daily and easy to consume quick episodes of these various topics from some of the best in the business. Try it out and you’ll enjoy the time spent listening.

Great way to stay up to date!

I’ve been a fan of Barnes and Leslie for many years, but didn’t know Cubby until he joined the show. The three of them have great chemistry and always have fun and interesting perspectives on the world. This is definitely a show worth subscribing to and participating in. In a very short time it had made it into my weekly rotation.


Always been a fan and always will be! Great chemistry!!

Takes me back!

I loved the Morning X and listened religiously back in the 90s. This is a trip down memory lane and really enjoy their camaraderie. I’ve moved away from Atlanta but I still enjoy hearing about my city. ❤️ you guys!

Please Come Back

So many of us in Atlanta loved 99X and Barnes, Leslie and Jimmy. Atlanta radio hasn’t been the same since you left. I know you have moved on but would love the original 3 to come back. Atlanta is in desperate need of a fun, smart, adult show. The Bert Show is all we’ve got and it’s terrible. Hope it happens, but will enjoy your podcast. Thanks for making it.

A podcast that cares!

Grateful to have our nonprofit organization HelpAWS featured on The Pop Culture Show podcast. And without prep, Barnes was accurate and factual with his description of our organization. This guy does his research! Funny, witty, entertaining... this show has something for everyone!

Just what I needed during the pandemic!

99x and Barnes, Leslie and Jimmy were the background to my life! I was a loyal listener from the beginning and attended every Big Day Out and all the great events at Music Midtown when it was in the Fed bank location. We would also pile into the old Beer Garden for Resurrection Sunday nursing Saturday night Buckhead hangovers with Axl. I am so grateful for the weekly dose Of entertainment and fun. Leslie no one does celebrity news like you and your history and musical connections help me keep up! I love all the nostalgia segments where you give us behind the scenes details from back in the day. The addition of Cubby is a great complement that adds a modern day edge. I wish you were on everyday! Thanks for coming back!

Fun pod with a heavy dose of nostalgia!

Living in Atlanta in the 90s, I can remember when Power99 switched to 99X. Alternative rock was on the rise and The Morning X was the only show to listen to in the morning. Now more than a decade after 99X went off the air, and during a time when anything remotely nostalgic helps to establish normalcy in our lives, Barnes, Leslie and now Cubby show up on the scene to bring you all the news in pop culture. I love it. I love it so much. No one knows more about music and the music industry than Leslie Framm. The woman knows errrryyyybody. Barnes has a knack for historical detail that gives Ron Chernow a run for his money. And while Cubby is new to me I can tell he brings levity and an Everyman aesthetic to the show. All of that coupled with full discussion of all things in the pop culture news make for time well spent. It’s so great, definitely give it a listen.

Love you guys!!!

I have listened to every single episode of The Pop Culture Show since it aired. Each show is great and never disappoints 🤟

A nostalgic blast from my childhood/Revamping one of the greatest radio shows

This podcast is worth listening too. If you ever remember the radio station 99x in Atlanta, you remember the morning show with Barnes, Leslie, and Jimmy. (Sorry Cubby). From producing such awesome records as the Live X cds(always one of my favorite Christmas gifts and wish there was a way to get them digitally) to the morning celebrity sleaze, it not only gave my parents and I something to talk about on the way to school, but played such quality music my parents didn’t hate my music. Please keep on the show and keep up the good work!

Subscribe already !

I really didn’t want to like this show bc the last thing I needed was another podcast to try and fit in every week. But my nostalgia for the Morning X eagerly brought me to the Pop Culture Show and it does not disappoint. The commentary, the dynamics between Barnes , Leslie and Cubby, and the weekly content are so relatable. You laugh, you will roll your eyes and you will joyfully yell expletives at Cubby. Go ahead and subscribe.... you know you want to.


For me, this podcast shines because of the chemistry between the hosts. No solo superstar ranting. No trying to be the next whatever. Just cool talk about current topics, and really good host chemistry - something that cannot be faked or manufactured.

Weekly Laughs

I’m so enjoying The Pop Culture podcast. Great for a weekly laugh. Plus a good place to find out what is new in the Entertainment world (movies, music, Netflix and general cool stuff) each week. Plus I get to listen to Leslie and Barnes again along with a new (for me) host Cubby.

Mondays. Made.

This was on my top 5 list for 2020, and it’s easy to see why. Barnes, Leslie and Cubby have a fabulous rapport and it’s really like chatting with friends about all things pop culture (and, as someone who’s been working from home since March, being able to “discuss” music, bingeable TV and celebrities with them had helped make my Monday - and work week - much more enjoyable.) They give good interview and have given me some great music/TV recommendations. Really a must-listen for pop culture aficionados and anyone who wants a laugh or many.

Return to the voices of the 90’s...

As a teen in the 90’s, The Morning X was my introduction to morning radio shows. The voices of Barnes, and Leslie take me back to some of the best times in my teens to mid-twenties! I love Leslie’s Celebrity Sleaze bits and I love the guest spots each week. I wasn’t familiar with Cubby previously, but I’ve got to say he is the perfect add to the Barnes and Fram duo. I look forward to this podcast weekly! From tips on tech and behind the scenes adventures, and Netflix binge worthy recommendations - this is a fantastic show for anyone interested in the world of pop culture and keeping up with the times! My only request - and I think it’s a long shot....can we have more than one episode a week????

A must listen...

I’ve listened to Steve Barnes and Leslie Fram for years. They are two of my all time favorite entertainment personalities. And are really good people. With the addition of Cubby, these three come together each week to share interesting, fun, & entertaining shows. This show is well worth saving to your favorites. 😎

Welcome back!

I’ve thought about this show always and I miss when I’m subjected to subpar morning drives. Finally a podcast! and a forever way to listen to and pick up with a show that is well done! Keep up the good work. Honest, always funny, current and relevant, all that’s missing is discovering new rock which really hasn’t been getting done for a while now. But glad this show is back! More frequent Jimmy!

Missed them/love them

So great to hear my fav radio group back again and Cubby fits in perfectly. Love it when they talk about their lives and past stories with rock bands back in the day, but also love the interviews.

Best podcast!

So glad you guys are back!

Best pop culture podcast

Best pop culture podcast out there! Always great with new, original content.

So glad to have them back!!

The morning x is one of the best podcasts. Especially if they were a big part of your life in the 90’s in Atlanta.

Best Pop Culture Podcast I’ve heard

Funny. Interesting. Unpredictable. I look forward to this every week!

My new favorite podcast

The Morning X was the first morning radio show that I ever loved. So happy to have Barnes and Leslie back in my life! They made my quarantine. Great podcast for those in ATL and beyond!

Atlanta radio legends.

A throwback to the good old days, with a contemporary focus on pop culture. A must listen.