The Pop Culture Show

Fun pod with a heavy dose of nostalgia!

Living in Atlanta in the 90s, I can remember when Power99 switched to 99X. Alternative rock was on the rise and The Morning X was the only show to listen to in the morning.
Now more than a decade after 99X went off the air, and during a time when anything remotely nostalgic helps to establish normalcy in our lives, Barnes, Leslie and now Cubby show up on the scene to bring you all the news in pop culture. I love it. I love it so much. No one knows more about music and the music industry than Leslie Framm. The woman knows errrryyyybody. Barnes has a knack for historical detail that gives Ron Chernow a run for his money. And while Cubby is new to me I can tell he brings levity and an Everyman aesthetic to the show. All of that coupled with full discussion of all things in the pop culture news make for time well spent.
It’s so great, definitely give it a listen.

Feb. 22, 2021 by JenCobb78 on Apple Podcasts

The Pop Culture Show