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Takes me back!

I loved the Morning X and listened religiously back in the 90s. This is a trip down memory lane and really enjoy their camaraderie. I’ve moved away from Atlanta but I still enjoy hearing about my city. ❤️ you guys!

I AM 99X

I have been a loyal 99X listener since 1992 when it was changed over from Power 99. Sean, Leslie, and Jimmy were a great morning show for the first couple of years but when Steve joined it was the heavenly match. From their infamous April 1st jokes, to the interviews, Live X shows, and great contest they raised the bar for alternative music stations and morning shows forever. These three will forever be a part of me and this podcast is a trip back to the Atlanta radio greatness. Thank you all again Barnes, Leslie, and Jimmy. -Don Mosley

Captivating fun and hilarious

Thanks for the reliable laugh and uplift you are provoding. Thrilled it will continue. You’re in top 25 because of your blend, chemistry, creativity, and most of all just being some fine and witty folks. Cross generational appeal and Unique in the podcast the market. Keep it up. Evolve but don’t change. We love having fun with you!!!


The Morning X with Barnes, Leslie & Jimmy. Reliving the best radio years of my life from the ORIGINAL 99X in Atlanta. We are all a bit older now, but the familiar voices take me back to what radio used to be, GREAT! What a gift to have them together again!

So nostalgic!

I am loving this show! Great to hear the old gang back together again. Thank you for this trip down memory lane, and still making me laugh!


Loved you guys then and even more now, especially during this quarantine! Thank you so much for the laughs and entertainment. I just love hearing your voices again!

Time Warp

Thank you guys so very much for coming back!!! I feel like I’m in my teens again listening to y’all. Love it and I hope y’all continue!