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The 8 Best Friendship Songs Ever


Romantic tales and tales of heartbreak dominate the music world. Yet, in this vast universe of melodies, where are the tunes for the ones who stand by our side irrespective of romance? The ones who lighten our gloomy days and celebrate our milestones? Yes, we’re talking about our invaluable best friends. A great way to appreciate them is by compiling the ultimate playlist dedicated just to celebrate this bond.

In this collection of top songs dedicated to friendship, you’ll encounter mainstream pop hits as well as legendary rock tunes. From hip-hop artists giving props to their crew to Doja Cat showcasing her best friend’s dance moves, there’s a mix for every duo. So, plug in those earphones with your dear friend, and you might find yourselves reminiscing or grooving to the beat. Here are the top anthems celebrating friendship.

‘Lean on Me’ by Bill Withers: A Tribute to True Friendship

When life’s challenges come knocking, many can recall moments when a friend was their anchor. Bill Withers’ ‘Lean on Me’ encapsulates the essence of such moments. The memorable line, ‘Lean on me / When you’re not strong / And I’ll be your friend / I’ll help you carry on…’ evokes vivid memories of standing by a friend’s side—whether it’s consoling them through heartaches or being their support during a tough night out.

This song is a gentle reminder of the power of unity and mutual support, of the magic that unfolds when two individuals uplift each other amidst adversity. The rarity of finding songs that celebrate this mutual bond of friendship might be the reason why it resonates so deeply with listeners. Then again, it could just be the captivating allure of Withers’ melodic voice.

‘Best Friend’ by Saweetie and Doja Cat: An Anthem for Modern Friendships

From its dynamic opening notes, ‘Best Friend’ hooks you in, with the catchy chorus, ‘That’s my best friend, she’s a real bad bitch’, echoing the vibrant spirit of the song. This 2021 powerhouse collaboration between Doja Cat and Saweetie has quickly become the soundtrack for the TikTok generation, epitomizing the essence of empowering female friendships. Imagine this: on a day when self-doubt shadows you, your bestie steps in, lifting your spirits, and before you know it, you’re both stepping out confidently, turning heads wherever you go. Driven by its rhythmic trap beats and an irresistible hook, this track will have you moving to its groove in an instant.

‘You Got a Friend In Me’ by Randy Newman: A Melodic Embrace of Friendship

In life’s turbulent moments, often, the comfort of a close friend’s embrace is all we need. And when they’re out of reach or perhaps not present in our lives, solace can be found in the melodic strains of certain songs. One such song is Randy Newman’s iconic track, renowned from the ‘Toy Story’ series. His distinctively husky voice delivers a tune that feels like a gentle, comforting hug, wrapping listeners in its warmth. The song simplifies the complexities of life with its heartfelt lines, ‘You’ve got your troubles / I’ve got ‘em too.’ A sentiment that serves as a universal truth, reminding us that we’re not alone in our struggles.

‘With a Little Help From My Friends’ by The Beatles: A Celebration of Comradeship

How fortunate for Ringo that the melodic genius of Paul and John birthed this tuneful track, tailoring it to fit his unique baritone. Crafted before the more turbulent times in their relationship, the song beautifully encapsulates the journey of life alongside trusted companions. It’s a testament to the Beatles’ ability to capture the nuances of friendship in a memorable, sing-along anthem.

‘Stand By Me’ by Ben E. King: An Enduring Ode to Friendship

The iconic R&B song and the memorable 1984 film titled after it serve as everlasting testaments to the power of unity. They remind us that, with loyal friends by our side, we can face any challenge, be it the common trials of youth or the more cinematic confrontations with a threatening Kiefer Sutherland. The essence of the song captures the sentiment that together, no obstacle is insurmountable.

‘All My Friends’ by LCD Soundsystem: A Tribute to Unrestrained Youth

James Murphy’s evocative track serves as an anthem for those unforgettable friendships defined by wild nights and the heady rush of adventure, even if it means embracing the haze of dawn after a night-long rave. But beyond its party vibes, the song touches on deeper, more somber undertones. Regardless of interpretation, one thing’s certain: it’s an indomitable force on the indie dance scene.

‘Thank You for Being a Friend’ by Andrew Gold: A Classic Melody of Gratitude

While many recognize it as the catchy theme for the Golden Girls, Andrew Gold’s track is so much more than just a TV show opener. It resonates as an enduring homage to the bonds of friendship and heartfelt thankfulness. For those searching for the perfect tune to convey their appreciation for a cherished friend, or for fans who fancy reenacting scenes as Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia, this song fits the bill beautifully.

‘You’re My Best Friend’ by Queen: A Melodic Celebration of Friendship

The harmonious blend of Freddie Mercury’s powerful vocals and Brian May’s electrifying guitar riffs elevates this song into a timeless testament of camaraderie. This Queen classic is the ideal backdrop for any montage capturing the laughter, adventures, and cherished memories shared with close friends. It remains a musical salute to the irreplaceable bond of friendship.

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