Dec. 7, 2020

The Indecent Proposal + Michael Damian Interview

The Indecent Proposal + Michael Damian Interview

Michael Damian interview + New Pop Culture Show swag you can win + Woman of the Year honors + The Christmas card dilemma + Leslie gets challenged + You can tell when Leslie is pissed + Apple surprise + Cubby drips all night + What to love about Tesla + Barnes has a cryotherapy mishap + Cubby on games shows + The indecent proposal pitched to Barnes + Queen's Gambit mania + cheers to our new sponsor Luna Nuda Prosecco + more.

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Michael Damian

Michael Damian is a singer, songwriter, actor, writer, director and producer. Michael is best know for his role as Danny Romalotti on CBS' #1 The Young and The Restless. He has also played Joseph on Broadway in "Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and had a #1 Billboard single "Rock On".