How to Self Test Your Blood Type - Reports of a Certain Type that is Less Covid Susceptible

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Recent research, including studies conducted in Denmark and Canada, has found that people with type O blood may have a slight advantage over those with other blood types when it comes to the risk of infection or hospitalization from COVID-19. Additionally, these studies also revealed that individuals with type O blood had a slightly lower risk for getting severely ill or dying from COVID-19 if they did become infected.

While people with type O blood, which is the most common kind, may have a slight advantage over their peers when it comes to risk for a coronavirus infection and hospitalization or death from COVID-19, this doesn’t mean that they can't contract the virus or fall seriously ill from it.

If you’re curious about your blood type, it’s easy to discover, and you can do it without having to go to the doctor’s office. Barnes explained how convenient it is – and revealed his own blood type – on this week’s episode and get the full story from our blog:

This segment does not make any medical claims in this video which is an entertainment segment. Please, do your own research and consult your doctor with questions.