John Faye Interview - Stories From a Rock Star All The Way Up and Back to Earth

John Faye (The Caulfields/Ike/The John Faye Power Trip) has a new book...The Yin and the Yang of It All: Rock'n'Roll Memories from the Cusp as Told by a Mixed-Up, Mixed-Race Kid. John Joins The Morning X to discuss his new book. John is a long-time friend to 99X and The Morning X.

As the lead singer and primary songwriter of the Caulfields, Faye was one of the only mixed-race Asian American frontman to sign a major record contract in the alternative rock heyday of the 1990s. In an era that preceded K-Pop―and even the rise of the internet―Faye’s personal journey did not lead to superstardom. Instead, The Yin and The Yang of it All is a memoir about the discovery of a voice, a tribe, and a musical ethnicity that runs far deeper than his Korean/Irish roots.

Faye’s story weaves a tapestry of revealing moments as told from his unique perspective on the cusps of identity, race, and fame. Preorder the book here: