Ted Lasso is Back TODAY! Barnes & Leslie Have Lasso-ness for You

🎬: Ted Lasso returns to Apple+ today for season 3. AirBnB has a pretty sweet promotion that Barnes and Leslie want to share with you. Check out The Morning X weekdays 6-10 eastern on 99X Atlanta (100.5 FM), 99X.com or blast us through your Alexa...or the 99X app. Thank you for listening.

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The Morning X with Barnes & Leslie is based out of 99X Atlanta and is heard worldwide at 99X.com. The original Morning X with Barnes, Leslie and Jimmy debuted in April of 1994 and had a spectacular run through 2003. Eventually, 99X disappeared from the dial only to return to its original form, with many of the original personalities reappearing the host their original shows. On January 1, 2023, Barnes returned and was followed by Leslie Fram on February 27, 2023, to produce The Morning X version 2.0. Look for Jimmy to make cameo appearances at times!